Author Topic: Recreating Optimus Maximus for 2020  (Read 927 times)

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Recreating Optimus Maximus for 2020
« on: Wed, 02 September 2020, 13:31:11 »
Keyboard enthusiast, but only a sideline observers.

My Kilimanjaro of KB's is definitely the Optimus Maximus and have dreamed of that Keyboard ever since it was released over a decade ago. I've always heard great things about the keyboard until recently, I came across Chyrosran22's review of the Keyboard, and the setbacks one had to deal with.

Although I'm sure I'd be able to pan over most of them, I was wondering how much trouble one would have to go through to recreate a piece of art like that. What type of work goes into it and what are the intricacies? Plus, would one be able to correct the issues of the original?

Is anyone able to shed some light on this or has the ability to do this?

Looking forward to hearing from this community!