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[Help] G80-1800 Keycaps
« on: Fri, 04 September 2020, 06:30:01 »
Hi, not sure if this is where to post this but what the heck.

So I'm looking for a keycap set for my G80-1800 only I don't understand a thing about how to acquire a full set (with numpad and stuff). I've looked at a few sets on KBDFans and PimpMyKeyboard and there are a bunch of images and rows labelled R1,R2,R3.. etc.
All I'd like is a new set of nice feeling keys becaue the stock ones aren't the greatest. I'm aware of ABS, PBT, POM and Double Shot but that's as far as it goes.

Again sorry if this is in the wrong place. Any suggestions or advice is greatly appreciated thanks in advance!

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Re: [Help] G80-1800 Keycaps
« Reply #1 on: Fri, 04 September 2020, 06:58:12 »
It is about keycap profile - different rows have differently shape caps. There is many different profiles.
I believe Deskthority provides some explanation.
Your difficulty may lie within your numpad being one row higher than typical keyboard and contains keys usually placed in lower rows.Therefore you may find difficult to fill it up with sculpted keycap set i.e. SA, OEM or Cherry profile. Although some extensive sets may have coverage for you. Maybe some experienced big layout keyboard user may help further.
I would just go for unified set i.e. XDA profile where all caps are same shape. Plenty cheap sets to be found at Banggood or AliExpress.