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Clear Acrylic Wrist Rest
« on: Fri, 04 September 2020, 12:11:51 »
Hello there, as you might or might not know, i recently joined the laser cutting acrylic scene with some keyboards (discipline,mysterium) and accessories.

We were interested in launching a new GB for a new product, wrist rest. A wrist rest in clear acrylic with polished round corner and a possibility to add laser engraving for texts,numbers etc.

Prices and Goal :

The thickness of the wrist rest would be 1.5cm, the measure will be customs (any reasonable and possible measures obviously.)
The wrist rest would all be of the same price of 40$ [Excluding the 5% fee of paypal].
For the laser engraving an extra fee of 7$ would be applied, If you are looking forward to ingrave images or other visual it will be more expansive.

The goal of this Group buy is 30 wrist rest, Unlimited number or closed when i feel like closing it.

The shipping would be made from Lebanon by DHL express worldwide 30$US,Australia,Singapore,Canada etc and 22$ for EU.
As you know the COVID situation is making shipping more expansive and make us pay extra fees, i understand it's a turn off but i wouldn't mind if you are willing to make groupbuys to reduce shipping cost.

Here are some pictures of what it would like, though the thickness is 0.8mm, the wrist rest thickness will be 1.5cm

Link to join the Group Buy :

Link to join the discord :
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