Author Topic: [IC] 'Entropy' deskmats by Nicholai Design, IC created by the LastPadawan team  (Read 4963 times)

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Hello Geekhack!

Nicholai Design recently reached out to the LastPadawan team for our help with their interest check.

Following this interest check, the LastPadawan team will produce prototypes based on the most voted for designs in the collection.

Following prototype production and designer approval, we'll move forward with a group buy.

Please note, we will most likely choose a maximum of 4 designs to move forwards with based on the results of the interest check. Of course if the interest check exceeds our expectations, we will revise our approach accordingly.

With that in mind, there are a total of 7 designs for us to share with you today.

The 'Entropy' Collection consists of seven visually striking minimalistic designs set in various tones and atmospheres.

Presenting "RETROW△VE"

Presenting "▽OID"

Presenting "CYBERSP△CE"

Presenting "P△STEL"

Presenting "BL△CKLIGHT"

Presenting "GRAYSC△LE"

Presenting "DEEP SE△ "

Please take a moment to fill out the interest form here.

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Thanks for your time and interest.

The LastPadawan Team
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That's a nice looking deskmat! Blacklight especially

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These all look insane, seriously good job. Especially grayscale and deep sea.

GL with IC :)

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cant wait to spill coffee on these

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All of these look great, looking forward to a potential GB.

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these are sick. Looking forward to protos

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Loving pastel

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Void and deep sea nice doppeee

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tbh these are all very cool

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Really digging the pastel and blacklight cfolors

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glws :)

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really great designs! :)

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yes please

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wow. yas.

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These look amazing. Interested to see how the designs will translate into real life. Will you guys be getting samples for these before production, or just the prototypes before the GB?

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Good luck LP! GLWIC