Author Topic: Organization of the "GroupBuys and Pre-Order" Section  (Read 3747 times)

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Organization of the "GroupBuys and Pre-Order" Section
« on: Thu, 01 October 2020, 11:33:06 »
The group buys and pre-order section could benefit greatly by a little tiered organization. 
I think we can improve things dramatically by breaking it down into the following sub-boards:

  • Group Buys & Preorders - Open 
  • Group Buys & Preorders - In Production
  • Group Buys & Preorders - Complete 

Operationally, Allowing mods (or perhaps approved thread owners) to move a thread between these options would make this easy and greatly ease the finding of new and open Group buys and relieve the clutter caused by old threads being bumped to the top.   
Thread moving could also be botted by enforcing a format for Group buys that requires keywords in the lead post or title such as "[OPEN DATE]", "[CLOSE DATE]" or ["STATUS: (OPEN/PRODUCTION/COMPLETE"]. 
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Re: Organization of the "GroupBuys and Pre-Order" Section
« Reply #1 on: Fri, 02 October 2020, 09:39:27 »
I actually think this is a great idea!

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Re: Organization of the "GroupBuys and Pre-Order" Section
« Reply #2 on: Fri, 09 October 2020, 23:39:26 »
I'm not sure if something like this is possible with the current forum software. Similar proposals have been made before, but it's usually been deemed too much effort on the part of the mod team to need to move all the threads -- as far as I know, it would need to be done manually.
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