Author Topic: Opening a mid-90's Fujitsu FKB8725  (Read 219 times)

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Opening a mid-90's Fujitsu FKB8725
« on: Sat, 17 October 2020, 16:15:44 »
Hi everyone,

I've been typing on a Fujitsu FKB8725 since 1996. This keyboard means a lot to me and has witnessed my entire journey as a developer. But it's in dire need of a thorough cleaning, the kind that will require opening the keyboard. I finally found some free time and thought this would be a simple affair but alas I discovered that the face of the keyboard appears to be snapped in snugly with some sort of fasteners that I cannot locate.

There are three screws along the center line of the back side of the keyboard. I don't think they have anything to do with the keyboard face but I removed them anyway. At the top of the back side, there is a slit through which can be discerned some plastic tabs that are part of the face. Using a flat piece of metal, I was able to pry these open, loosening the top of the keyboard face (the entire Esc + F-key row), causing it to bend up and away. But around where the next row of keys begin (Esc / Insert, Home, Page Up / Num Lock, etc.), it seems to be stuck and peering inside, I can't see why. The keys lift off with the face. Below, attached to the main board, is a membrane with dome switches that the Fujitsu is apparently famous for. In its normal, closed position, the keys appear to rest against these domes.

On the rear of the keyboard, there are a large number of small perforations that looks like they have little tabs inside of them but I wasn't able to move them and I suspect they are probably there to attach the main array of dome switches to the keyboard frame rather than being involved with the face of the keyboard.

Any tips would be appreciated. I don't want to damage the keyboard and have gone as far as ordering a similar keyboard on eBay (they're not common anymore) to practice on.

Thank you!