Author Topic: What is Your Alice Layout Keymap?  (Read 436 times)

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What is Your Alice Layout Keymap?
« on: Thu, 05 November 2020, 22:15:20 »
I just got a KBDFans Maja Ergo keyboard, and I'm still figuring out how I want to map the keys. Below is my current keymap. As you can see, I prefer pressing the letter B with my right hand, and I also prefer pressing SPACE with my right thumb. I have thought about using the left side thumb for backspace or delete. I also need to add more stuff to the fn layer so that I can actually use shortcuts.

Issues I've discovered with my current keymap are
1. I instinctively want to press the current PG DN key for END. But, if I change that key to END, what is the logical key to put in the middle of HOME and END? Maybe DEL, HOME, END? I use the nav cluster quite a bit, so chopping down to three keys is hard for me.
2. Although I usually SPACE with my right thumb, I do occasionally use my left thumb for SPACE, for example, when playing games and when using the mouse to click somewhere and then quickly fix some text, but it seems like a waste of a key to have a SPACE on both sides.
3. Left ALT definitely needs to move somewhere else. Maybe I could swap it with WIN and move fn to the current DEL (by V and G)

How do you set yours up?

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