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Future keyboard and switch help
« on: Sat, 14 November 2020, 09:06:13 »
Hello all, happy to join the community! After following a lot of r/mk for a couple years, I saw a link to some new GMMK pro or something, which led me to their site, and the hot swappable GMMK full size, which I semi impulsively ordered with the stock Gateron browns due to them being supposedly a great starter switch to see which way to go, and the sample pack they offer. It seemed that I had found a board that had good reviews, and was hot swappable, and and RGB (which I totally don't need, but is super cool). So, I ordered, picked free economy shipping, and then started really researching the other options out there, and ended up ordering a Leopold FC900 with MX blues.

So, now here I am, with both in my possession, and I can say with certainty that brown style switches are NOT something I like very much. I have had the Leopold for a few days, and typing on it is a dream. I the GMMK itself isn't bad at all, but each key press just feels incredibly light, and I know that I need something firmer, and I think I prefer a click.

So, I modified the 10 key a bit, and from what I can tell, I really like the Kailh Box white switches (and also, the Kailh bronnze, however those aren't much different than the blues I have in the Leopold).

I am trying to decide, at the moment, if I should order some sets of white/jade/navy box switches to throw into the GMMK to test out before... likely, just getting a custom Varmilo made. Is that a sensibly solution? I think I prefer the box switch feel, and sound, and apparently Varmilo is the only company that both does custom keyboards, and they also happen to have several version of the Box switches.

Long post, with a conclusion seemingly made from the beginning. I guess I am looking for validation or something.