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Help with Pok3r arrow keys
« on: Fri, 20 November 2020, 23:15:22 »
So I have a pok3r rgb and I can easily hit left win + right alt + spacebar and it turns the fn, pn, right ctrl, and right shift into left, down, right, and up arrow respectively. I just got a pok3r (non backlit) used today, and this same thing doesn't work... It's really frustrating because I hate using fn + ijkl (and I already know I can use dip switch 3 to make caps FN, which I use).

How do i fix this issue? I could've sworn I had a non-lit pok3r in the past and could do this arrow thing

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Re: Help with Pok3r arrow keys
« Reply #1 on: Sat, 21 November 2020, 09:40:10 »
Maybe they've changed something. I've owned two non-backlit which both did this, although I don't remember the key combo to activate. This was quite a few years ago. I'm going to look to see if I still have the old PDF instruction sheet.

...anyway... can't help you other than to say you're right.