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Introducing the first design by Divine Keyboards - ALPHA7


Design & Layout Info
    • 77 - 79 Key Layout (Ability to split the Spacebar and Backspace)
    • Rotary Encoder
    • Oled Panel
    • QMK compatibility
    • 7 typing angle
    • Cerakote finish
    • Brass and SS accents
    • Gasket Mount
    • Updated Bottom Case Design - (Renders and updates to follow)
    • 7 layer design
        Top Case
      • Plate
      • A foam layer to help with acoustics & overall typing experience
      • PCB
      • Another foam type layer
      • Bottom Accent
      • Bottom Case
      • USB-C connectivity via Daughterboard (both PCB & Daughterboard designed by Saurabh "srbhjn11")
      [/b][/list][/list]Waiting to hear from the community on possible options & community preferred features:
        • Possible WKL version
        • Per Key RGB
        • Wireless Connectivity 
        • Plate Material




        Along with our first kit we plan on providing options to add matching wrist rests, coiled aviator cables, deskmats, eva foam travel case & more. Need customer input to see interest on other products we can manufacture and sell as add-ons and as permanent options on our website.

        Please visit our website to subscribe to our weekly update and newsletter and please take the time to fill out the following Customer Input Form. The form will be live for a week and will be the way we decide what options to include or not include and what details and features are important to the community.

        We are aiming for an end of the year group buy. We are waiting to decide on how many kits to cap the group buy at or if we should run a no cap group buy for a certain time period. All of these decisions are being made by community input. So please take the time to fill out the form if you are interested and plan on purchasing a kit.

        Lastly we are looking for any talented keycap designers interested in pairing their keycap designs with our case for renders. If your a keycap designer and interested in collaborating on a couple of renders please DM Di5gui5edW0lf.

        Would like to hear from any cable makers about possible partnership to sell cables as an addon option during group-buy. Again DM Di5gui5edW0lf if interested in doing something like this.

        PCB prototype #1Future editions will include split backspace & space options as well as stepped caps and ISO enter.

        Lastly, community input is welcomed and very much appreciated, please comment with any questions, concerns or suggestions you may have.

        Would also like to work with some content creators to send prototypes to for an honest and truthful opinion. If you are an established content creator and or reviewer please contact Di5gui5edW0lf.

        Thanks again to everyone and all the input I'm sure we are to receive. Looking forward to organizing a successful group buy, and building a happy customer base. We have a lot of things planned to try and make the hobby and passion for mechanical keyboards more accessible and readily available to enthusiasts and newcomers to the hobby alike.[/list]

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        Will you have the word Divine Keyboard engrave on top like the render?

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        Thats a good question,  so the answer is no, I'm going to be updating the post with final renders here later today or tomorrow. but these renders were done before even the first revision was made. I've been busy with the prototype production lately and haven't had time to update the renders. There will be updated renders tomorrow at the latest and I should have the prototypes done sometime next week.

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        Also the bottom case is completely redesigned, it was redesigned to not be so box like and to have a more fluid design with the top.

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        Really liking the board design. However if you decide to go with the large knob you won't have the ability to use exhangable knobs from brands such as Rama which is a mild complaint, not a big deal though. The rocking out of the arrow keys is not a uniform size which really draw my eyes towards it and away from the rest of the board.

        Having the three keys above the arrows is definitely a different look. It remains a little odd that you aren't having the keys over the the right in one column.

        Good work, keep it up! 

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        Thick PC plate plz

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        looks very cool, especially the black render. The huge knob is a big oof for me though...

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        • Why are you even reading

        1. Need to see prototype
        2. No renders of the bottom case or the redesigned bottom case
        3. Do you have a prototype? Do you know what the board sounds like? What is the purpose of the foam?
        4. Rough units available? Rough price estimate?
        5. Need to see plate (any flex cuts? What's the typing feel you aim to achieve?)
        6. Need to see mounting system/gaskets

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        Interesting. I want to see what that 3 key "L" shaped cluster looks like with keycaps.. 3 looks a lot better then those awful looking 2 key clusters (bad functuay) nut the "L" shape is throwing me off.

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        This is sooo sweet! Depending on the price this is a definite cop

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        Looks intereseting!

        Is the control-blocker optional? (It seems this way from the pcb)

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        Definetely want this, but please standard winkey option as well.
        With WKL unfortunatly i have to skip for sure this keyboard, while with a Winkey option it's a sure buy because it has everything i need.

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        Looks great! Though the right hand side looks a little busy.

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        Interesting layout.

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        IC filled out...I'd love to see a (at least to some extend) affordable 75% keyboard with ISO layout, rotary and OLED. Seems like they are either all very expensive or don't support ISO :(

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        Suggestion not on the form - but maybe a CF plate?

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        I like it, but that oled shouldn't be there. looks out of place and isn't in line with the rest of the keyboard