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Hi everyone, I am new to mechanical keyboards and have been looking for some nice keycaps - there are loads that I like, but I feel like I am being penalised for being a UK user with a Mac, as the base kit is not enough - you usually have to add an ISO kit, as well as a 'Modern' or Mac kit.

Would it not be fairer to split keycap kits like the following?

Base PC/Linux Kit - US
Base PC/Linux kit - ISO
Base Mac - US
Base Mac - ISO


Base PC/Mac/Linux Kit - US (has keys for Mac, PC and Linux users)
Base PC/Mac/Linux kit - ISO (has keys for Mac, PC and Linux users)

Am I missing the reason why this isn't already the case? I think it would result in more people buying custom keycaps as it would not only be more accessible, but affordable too - which would be better for more designers or even designers with multiple offerings as people will be able to purchase more kits.

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Re: Question about keycaps (feel penalised for being a Mac user needing ISO)
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i am a linux iso user, but i still do not understand why you care that your cmd key says ctrl and app key has a windows logo or diamond instead of the strange symbol apple uses and more and more kit include basic iso into the base set, and to be honest catering to mac users makes even less sense than linux in the mech community, as tinkerer are less likely to use mac than linux or windows.
as i am cheap i learned to type on terminal layout (winkeyless US with iso enter key) with international extension (allows to type any accented letter from any Latin alphabet language) that way i do not need to buy the very rarely supported and rather expensive french kit for myself.
All your options would either make mac options that never reach MOQ or horrendously expensive, or make for more expensive and wasteful base kits, like if you asked base kits to include FR or NORDE by default, those extra keys would be useless to 90+% of buyers so we get kits.
i kinda suggest you let your hair down and learn to make compromises for the greater good, and not expect the greater mass to make compromises for you.
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