Author Topic: anime keycaps in iso format / japanese format? artisans who do custom dyesub?  (Read 1278 times)

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Looking for anime keycaps, bright-colored, in iso format. It's fine if the keys are in different sets.

- iso enter key
- 1.75u right shift key
- 4.5u space bar
- also interested in shorter space bar than that

preferably in OEM or XDA profiles, preferably bright, preferably PBT, but anything goes really.

Alternatively also looking for someone who can make those custom.

Alternatively also looking for iso enter, 1.75u right shift, and 4.5u space bar in white pbt, oem or xda, just for now.

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sounds like you need to find a custom kit or at least an add-on kit so you can get the bars you need.