Author Topic: Any TKL two-piece mechs/ergomechs other than Sinc, BFO, and Mistel?  (Read 701 times)

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I've been using a Mistel MD770 as my daily work keyboard for a while.  I'm addicted to the two-piece split experience - it's great to type on and having a small desk space due to a standing desk converter, it's invaluable to be able to move it around and have a notepad between the halves.  Only issue is that since it has an oddball 3.25u right spacebar, there's no option for custom caps other than a black or white set that Mistel sells. 

I'm looking at having a DIY done, or if there's a miraculous split mech/ergomech.  I'm iffy about using layers for the F-row - Ctrl+layer key+4 instead of Ctrl-F4 seems a bit tough.  Other than Ergodox and its variants, are there any TKL splits out there with fixed normal number rows and some way to have an F-row?  I'm OK relegating the F-row to the side a la the Sinc or just going BFO.  As long as I can keep the cap sizes normal, I'll be a happy camper. 

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Re: Any TKL two-piece mechs/ergomechs other than Sinc, BFO, and Mistel?
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most split ergos will be 5 rows or less, so no dedicated f-row. BFO is about the only one i can think of that's 6+ rows.

getting used to Fn +3 = F3 is probably one of the easies layer things to get used to. it's not nearly as bad as it sounds.
i spend all day every day in design programs and do more shortcuts/command combinations than actual typing, and most of these include F-keys.

are you wanting to stay staggered or are you also looking at ortho? (BFO is ortho)

if you do go ortho, and want to keep a "normal number row" i'd suggest noting smaller than a pair of 5x7s (full matrix of 5x14). this will give you a full number row.'s viterbi is one option. i love mine, it's a rev.1 and been using it for years. i went with the viterbi because i was already used to the Fn F-keys coming from a 60% board but didn't want to go to the more common (smaller) 5x6 grids.

split stagger... there are a few options that you've already mentioned, but not many more (if any)
just saw this... looks like they might have another split stagger coming out... called the KBO-5000   "based off of the G80-5000"

yes, OEMs do funny things with caps that are not compatible with most keysets usually because that is not their focus. or you can support strange layouts but you'd have to spend a boatload for additional compatibility kits. this is part of the reason i also went to blank keycaps. with blanks, you learn how to touch type real quick. :eek:

if you wanted to do a one-off and 3d print a shell & handwire, you could do that too if you're not finding what you want. it's not terribly difficult to handwire and i've helped a couple  here on the forum with firmware & such. Viterbi, Apple m0110, Apple m0120, Apple m0110a, Apple 658-4081, Apple M1242, Apple AEK II, MK96, GH60/Pure, Cherry g84-4100, Adesso AKP-220B, Magicforce 68