Author Topic: Hello! I'm making my own 3D printed hall effect magnetic separation switches  (Read 485 times)

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Been browsing as anon for months because GH refuses to send an activation email to my normal address (sigh) so I finally gave in and used a gmail account (with a different username, hence "riskabletoo").  So here I am!

About me: Professionally I work insecurity but I'm also a 3D printing geek (, an open source software dev (e.g.,, and I've been doing electronics stuff as a hobby for about 8 years now (I think?).

I just learned Kicad 3 months ago and I've already designed a working hall effect numpad (use it every day! ...for macros haha) and I just completed a 69% prototype hall effect PCB that's sitting right in front of me but I can't use it since I'm still waiting on some USB C connectors that I ordered over a month ago (sigh).

I've also been (slowly) teaching myself Rust and I've written a hall effect keyboard firmware (based on Keyberon:  I wrote a PR to Keyberon ( that adds sequences/macro support that will hopefully get merged eventually.

I'll make a larger post about my hall effect keyboard soon but until then you can learn more about it from a video I made recently:

A few other things I should probably mention:
  • My magnetically-stabilized stabilizer design was featured in Hackaday
  • I wrote a parametric keycap design tool that lets you design your own multi-material keycaps in the usual profiles as well as totally crazy custom ones (if you want) called the Keycap Playground:
    . My keyboard will be using my own keycap designs and I'm typing on 3D printed keycaps right now (yes, they're smooth and feel nice haha).
  • My 3D printed switch and stab design hasn't been posted yet but if you message me I'll be happy to send you .STLs to try! You'd better be prepared to give detailed feedback though! :D

I'm riskable#4986 on Discord and (on Matrix, obviously) and am regularly hanging out in all the usual keyboard-related Discords: MechKeys, Keyboard Altelier, Switch Collectors, Top Clack and many others. I should also mention that I'm a moderator in the Keycap Designers Discord.  On Matrix I'm usually hanging out in the Embedded Rust and Real-time Interrupt-driven Concurrency (RTIC) channels.