Author Topic: KPRepublic BM60 PCB and No Plate  (Read 317 times)

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KPRepublic BM60 PCB and No Plate
« on: Fri, 08 January 2021, 12:25:12 »
My endgame, while perfect, started to bore me, so I completed my incomplete Kailh Navy project, programmed it with QMK, and got back in love with the hobby

Now I'm thinking of doing a fantasy project, but while I'm a Costar fanatic, I'm just going to try something entirely different this time

Is it a good idea to use switches in a PCB-only way with these new Kailh Swap Sockets? - The PCB seems to have the switch PCB-holes - but I guess with no solder holding the switch in place, would they wobble and fall off?

Basically going to just buy some switches, cherry stabs, and go to town, instead of obsessing over stabiliser perfection, 3d printing my plates and processing them etc. ... :)
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