Author Topic: Looking for information to help compare PCBs  (Read 308 times)

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Looking for information to help compare PCBs
« on: Sat, 09 January 2021, 07:30:45 »
Recently I purchased a kustom with Fave PCB, which was reported to have chattering issues with holy pandas and such until recently. The designers are updating firmwares to fix it, but the programs were hit or miss, leading customers to use alternatives like suo or equalz. This sparked my interest in PCB, probably the part in custom keyboard that is considered as 'If it works, it's perfect'.
'Gaming' keyboards all advertise themselves with high polling rate and shorter key travel time, but there are other factors contributing to latency like debounce delay, matrix scan rate, or software. Some of the useful explanations I could find waere from, and
"But dude, even pro gamers play at their peak with realforce. Why are you caring so much for it?' Well... It isn't too much to expect for a keyboard tens of times more expensive to do its job excellently. Also this topic isn't related to 'preference', thus the discussion would be more objective.