Author Topic: Trying quik repair on Topre RGB to no avail, Any ideas?  (Read 324 times)

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Trying quik repair on Topre RGB to no avail, Any ideas?
« on: Sun, 10 January 2021, 06:46:51 »
The Topre RGB has a known issue. Random LED's will get stuck on the color pink. Regardless of what they are actually set to. A tech at Fujitsu told me there is an easy fix for this. He said remove the entire assembly from the case and do not take apart or desolder anything. From the back of the PCB, go to one of the affected LED'S. Put one leg of a sharp point tweezers on the ground. While keeping that leg on the ground, touch the other leg momentarily to each trace of the LED. until it unsticks itself. I have tried this trick repeatedly. To no avail.

For one thing, replacing all of the affected LED's is not something I want to hear. Since it would just happen again. It is not bad LED's. There is bad code in the firmware.  Furthermore, those LED's are no longer available. I would have to go to something drawing higher current. The board is not set up for that. The entire board would need to be re-Engineered at that point.Which is a polite way of saying it goes in the trash. Those of you that have one and have not encountered this, count your blessings. They should have recalled Them. So anyways, I was just wondering if anyone might think of a similar noninvasive trick that might offer me another option. Thank you