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Questions for stacked acrylic case design
« on: Thu, 14 January 2021, 03:21:22 »
Hello, I am a pretty new member to the hobby and I wanted to do a fully custom design for a macropad.
To not break the budget and to make my life easier I decided to do a stacked acrylic build and a custom pcb.

However I am currently stuck with a few questions.

1 How does mounting work if I don't want an acrylic piece to be my plate?
   Will I just have to integrate the plate into the stack?
   What other options are there and how easy/cost effective are they? I can imagine top and tray mount to also be easily possible.

2 Can I buy pre-made feet or gasket for gasket mounting anywhere?
    The zenith feet for the RAMA board may be fitting but I cant find any specifications for them as they are treated exclusively as a replacement.

3 How do I want to handle the screws? I have a feeling that trying to screw metal screws into the plain acrylic may cause some problems over time
   Will some sort of plastic screw help with this problem?

4 I am from central Europe. Are there any manufacturers you can recommend near me for getting the Case and PCB manufactured?
   Any general tips you may have or things you noticed that I overlooked or that may cause me problems?

Thanks a lot  ;)