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« on: Wed, 27 January 2021, 20:08:05 »

This set is inspired by Mecha interior and indicator, Project 67 hopes to allow you to feel like you take the Mecha's command through your keyboard.








Keycaps Modifier (Black): #2b2c2e
Keycaps Dark Grey: #525554
Keycaps Black legend: #000000
Keycaps White legend: #ffffff
Spacebar Yellow Color: #a19100
Spacebar Yellow legend: #525554
Spacebar Black Color: #2b2c2e
Spacebar Black legend: #525554
Spacebar Dark Grey Color: #525554
Spacebar Dark Grey legend: #2b2c2e




Keycaps Profile: Cherry profile
Keycaps Material: PBT
Keycaps Legends: Dye Sublimation (Reverse)
Keycaps Thickness: 1.5mm



Add more renders
Create more kits

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« Reply #1 on: Wed, 27 January 2021, 20:30:58 »
This set is inspired by Mecha interior and indicator, Project 67 hopes to allow you to feel like you take the Mecha's command through your keyboard.

I've read the description and I still don't understand what the inspiration is - When you say Mecha, do you mean Mechwarrior or some form of anime Mecha like Gundam or Macross?

Also, are ePBT able to do multi-coloured novelties?

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« Reply #2 on: Wed, 27 January 2021, 20:35:39 »
I don't think Epbt will be able to pull off the novelties...
I also believe that maybe you should really narrow down what your inspiration is for this set...
Just saying mecha doesn't really provide a lot of information for what the set is trying to do along with the importance of 67.
I also highly recommend either working on your rendering skills. Renders are meant to be somewhat realistic representations of what the keycap set will look like on a board. I don't think you achieved that with your renders.

There are a stupid amount of mecha fans out there. I'm sure with a little more work and effort this could become a kit. But as this IC stands it's just not a lot of information for what looks like an idea that was made without a lot of thought.

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i know you are new here, and you have a lot to learn. I'd recommend fleshing this idea out more with more renders and more full kits before posting and coming back to GH. It's okay that you have posted this, and don't take other's toxicity to seriously, you just need to learn that this is not a good time to post an IC. but keep going, you'll get the hang of it.

just a small list of what you might wanna get done

Proper renders (always good to show what the set will look like and commitment) you can always check other ICs for render quality
Physical color samples (100% required to get nice colors and colors that are possible) Hex's are not good replacements for the real thing
Better kitting and more kits (kle is a great place to start, but you would want to get renders too) (necessary for more people to be on board with the set) You can also look at other sets for this.
maybe some novelties and deskmat? (not required, but nice)
and better formating, bbcode is a little annoying, but the preview button is your best friend

It's very well that you have an idea for what you want, but I'd say that your should do more research and maybe even join a few chat groups or discord and ask around, it never hurts. but GL on your endeavors and journey my friend.  You can dm me on discord or GH or Reddit for one on one help if you'd like. iinko#3028 and u/itSscylic are those respective usernames
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Hey there, I see that you have an idea and have thought about it a bit. However, it is still very very far from IC and there is so much that needs to be done. You should be posting IC when you have everything planned out and ready to go. Please take some time to think more about it and get some more feedback. Geek hack is very harsh when it comes to criticism and I really donít want you to lose motivation because of that. Please work on this more and then post IC because you have a long way to go. I appreciate the effort and the thought; Iím sorry to say that this is not an IC.. (Also be sure to contact iinko too, he is a wonderful community member.)

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Hey dude, it seems like you are pretty new to the community. As the comment above suggests, I also recommend that you join some communities and hang out for a bit to understand how things work, before going about with IC posting. Some people take them very seriously so it may not reflect well to have an IC post like yours that is, simply put, very rough and largely unfinished.
Here are some points I have for you, consider going through them and coming back with a more convincing and fleshed-out IC:
1) have physical colour matching. Not just seemingly random hex codes. Are they even actual printable colours? Why are there hexes and 3 RALs? Thats just confusing imo
2) make sure you know your manufacturer options. Can epbt do what your design requires? A comment above seems to say no, so you might wanna check again (iím not too sure myself)
3) posting KLEs are like asking for a free beatdown. Last guy that posted it didnt meet a good end iirc, sad to say. People post a lengthy IC with realistic renders, many pay for them just to show commitment and accurate portrayal of their set, a KLE does neither, some people may take it as a half-hearted attempt
4) another comment has mentioned how mecha doesnt explain anything, and I agree. Themes are taken seriously, if you can get it across in a concise manner, good for you. Yours doesnít explain anything.

All in all, there are many more parts you are missing in your IC, Iíve just pointed out a few of them. I hope you can see it as room for improvement and not be too discouraged. Hope to see you come back with a better IC in the future, your set is interesting, not gonna lie. You just need an understanding of how things work here my dude

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Honestly if this is your first crack at an IC then this is a pretty good start (better than my first IC lol). You have the colors in RAL, you have a render, albeit maybe not the most accurate render. you have a kit, and you have what looks like pretty fleshed out idea of what you want your novelties to look like. I think this is a job well done but certainly needs some more work before it's ready for GB. Your to-do list clearly cites that you are aware of this though.

As far as IC's go, you have everything that I would look for in an honest attempt. It may not have that polish that some IC's have but it has the staples. And as long as you keep at it, it's going to turn out great.

I like the theme actually. I am also glad you chose to do develop the theme around a general idea, and an original one at that, instead of an existing IP or character. Looking forward to seeing this develop. Would love to see like a "mech 67" become an original character and mascot for this. I think that would be super cool.

I am not sure if you are sure what your next steps should be in the process. I am just going to throw out a few. I apologize if you already had intent to take these steps.

- Order some RAL samples and use those to create another draft of renders. Not sure if you are doing these yourself or if you have someone helping you but either way, try to get them to match your physical samples on multiple devices to avoid bias to your device and get a more accurate representation. very important.

- You mentioned you are going to be looking at kitting so yeah. Specifically, see if you can get in contact with EPBT or someone who has worked with them on how they like to structure kits. Every EPBT set has different kitting than GMK, KAT, etc. I have never worked with EPBT myself so I can't provide any insight on how they like to kit. but its important.

- Once you have colors set, a decent gallery of renders, and kitting roughly 80%-90% there, you are going to be in a really good spot to gather a lot of meaningful data on the interest for this set. You will also be able to use that data to create supporting items for your set, like a deskmat or something,  if you so choose.
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EPBT won't be able to handle this...