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Post your soldering workspaces
« on: Mon, 01 February 2021, 19:25:51 »
Hey everyone I am just curious how others manage all their soldering gear and where you do all your soldering activities.

To start off here is my situation, I just put everything at my pc setup (yes I know Iíve got a basic b*tch Corsair keyboard, Iím waiting on my upgrades to come in) but Iím planning to build a separate desk soon so can finally have a proper workspace for my projects.

Also in this pic Iíve got a parts tray,soldering iron stand and helping hand Iíve made/ upgraded with wooden bases.
The helping hand has a tiny 40mm noctua fan but Iím working on a fume filter in a similar style to the other three soldering tools Iíve made  :)       

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