Author Topic: Looking for a budget set for a budget build.  (Read 329 times)

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Looking for a budget set for a budget build.
« on: Mon, 29 March 2021, 16:17:50 »
Hi all, first time posting here and looking to try the keyboard hobby by building a budget kbd67 lite. Just looking for a keycap set, I'm willing to spend a little as this keyboard is probably going to be my daily driver. So far after looking all day I really like SA, XDA, and DSA profiles. Someone told me that aliexpress and banggood can have decent sets but I'm worried about choosing a really crappy set from them since it's a marketplace. A lot of the sets are also knock offs of old group buys which I'm not sure of. KBDFans have some nice sets which I was going to order with my keeb but decided not to see my other options first. I think it's important to add I'm from the UK so anything outside will cost a bit to get imported but I'm not too worried about that if it's not too expensive. Lastly, I don't really have a colour scheme I'm going for. I like purples, greens and the retro look. Anything with lighter more pastel colours. and white instead of black 99% of the time. Any suggestions? Thanks!