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Yo new here
« on: Thu, 01 April 2021, 00:17:02 »
I happened to see a glarses video in my recommended and now I'm in too deep. I have my first mech on it's way in the mail and plans to start building an alice style board. Found my way here a few times and figured I may as well set up an account if I'm gonna deep dive.

Let me know if you have recommendations for a budget/midrange alice case/PCB I can buy. At the moment I'm thinking of the YMDK wings or maybe a custom from this one guy I bumped into on r/mk, who said he could make one pretty cheap.

Anyway I'll be around. Possibly not for a long time I tend to get hype about new games and hobbies pretty easily and then lose interest after a month or two but I feel like this one may stick because of all the waiting plus the money invested. Let me know if I act like a noob I'm not really used to old style forums like this so I may not have the etiquette down. Typing this has been good practice anyway.