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Hello from AB, Canada!
« on: Sun, 04 April 2021, 16:57:55 »
Hi all, Firewire here!

Joined the wonderful world of custom keyboards just a few months ago, hanging out mainly on Keebtalk, reddit, and various discords. Figured I should also join the main source of all the awesome designs coming out!
Been using mechanical keyboards for several years, but my first non-gaming one that started my slow obsession was a Vortex Racer 3. Quickly fell in love with the compact, 75% form factor.
Spent the past few years lurking over on r/mk, checking out all the amazing builds people have been making, and it wasn't until December last year that I finally caved and found myself an in stock NK65 Aluminum.
The hotswap PCB has been an awesome way for a beginner like me to get a feel of the hobby by trying out a bunch of different switches and keycap profiles. Currently using Tealios V2s with MT3 keycaps.
Patiently waiting on my first GB to come in, which will probably be the Rama Kara, followed by the Ikki68!

Can't wait to grow my collection and meet fellow keyboard enthusiasts along the way!  :)