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Greetings from germany
« on: Tue, 06 April 2021, 18:55:47 »
Hello hello fellow enthusiasts I'm a design student from germany and my way in the hobby was a weird one, i first started collecting switches because i like her aesthetic..
My collection grew really fast and a few months later keyboards and keycaps followed (my wallet still hates me for this).
All this happened just a few months ago... i'm actually pretty invested in the hobby..
Currently i'm in the development of my own keyboard PCB and DIY-kit, which i want to sell on my website. Once i understand the rules of posting a interest check i maybe post one...
Could be interesting cause i went a bit crazy on the design... but first let's see how the prototype comes out (already in production).

I hope that's a good introduction since i'm learning workman right now and writing that small text took me way too long... XD

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Re: Greetings from germany
« Reply #1 on: Sat, 10 April 2021, 16:38:10 »
Hello, and welcome :)
What type of pcb is it, split one?
Did you choose workman because you didn't like the dh mod on colemak?