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Greetings from Malaysia
« on: Thu, 08 April 2021, 07:32:22 »
Greetings to all keyboard enthusiasts,

I recently stumbled across GMK keycaps and would like to know more them, eventually got to know about this website. I hope that I can find a set of GMK keycaps which I will like and enjoy. I am not new to mechanical keyboards world but new to custom built mecahnical keyboards world, I hope to find one custom keyboard which I can customized to my liking also.

My first modern scene mechanical keyboard was a Cherry G80-3000, purchased in 2015, after that I have purchased quite some numbers of keyboard (Mostly mass prodcution type) until last year I got a IDODO ID75 Ortholinear keyboard which I could customized a lot. That was when I entered the custom mechanical keyboards world.

I look forward to gaining more knowledge and insight on the custom mechanical keyboard and I hope I don't get my pocket burnt badly,  :D