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Mouse for gaming and editting
« on: Tue, 15 June 2021, 05:13:05 »
I am working as a video editor and love playing Warcraft in my free time.
My own mouse just broke down feel days ago and i intended to buy a new one. Which ones would be the perfect match for my needs?

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Re: Mouse for gaming and editting
« Reply #1 on: Thu, 15 July 2021, 12:37:43 »
steelseries rival 650 maybe?  :))

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Re: Mouse for gaming and editting
« Reply #4 on: Sun, 22 August 2021, 20:11:59 »
I have the razer naga pro... 3 different side plates that you can change in 2 seconds, held by magnets... One with the basic back/forth buttons. Another with buttons 1-6 on the side. And the last one with buttons 1-12 on the side. Perfect for MMOs and office work and everything in betweem. I love it

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Re: Mouse for gaming and editting
« Reply #5 on: Mon, 23 August 2021, 09:31:56 »
Personally I'd recommend the Death Adder V2. I'd still be using mine if I didn't own my L-trac. The L-trac is simply the best pointing device I've ever used and haven't gone back to surface tracking mice since, it's like comparing a kids toy with an oscilloscope. Regardless, just buy a mouse with the feature set you need. Logitech makes good scroll wheels, and steelseries is highly recommended as well.
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