Author Topic: Help Needed - Making a box with KB switches for a PS4-compatible fightstick  (Read 1119 times)

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Hey, thought I'd post here if anyone has any ideas on what to do here. I'm currently attempting to make a fighting game controller that is console compatible, that I can take to tournaments, since I play on a keyboard currently. I plan to use cherry reds(what I use now on my PC keyboard), and think I have enough Arduino experience to setup the wiring correctly, the problem is how to make the box itself. I don't have any experience with making plates or 3d modeling, but I do have access to very very nice industrial 3D printers from my membership to a maker space. Here is a mockup of the "fight stick":

Does anyone have any idea how I would go about mounting the keys to some sort of box? I have a feeling 3D printing the front will be the way to go, but I would need assistance making the model if anyone is willing to offer. If you have the experience and are willing, I can afford to pay someone to make the model if necessary.