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Modifier key dampening?
« on: Sat, 04 September 2021, 16:56:29 »
So I just switched to some durock screw-in stabilizers after not being able to take in how awful the Glorious GOAT stabs I got from a friend's leftovers were even after arduous weeks of tuning and re-tuning. However, the stabilizers are now SO SMOOTH that the hollowness on my shift, spacebar, and backspace keys have come to reveal themselves. Are there any methods to possibly dampen them out a little bit? As far as I know, it's not a common enough issue for there to be a mod that I've heard of to come up.

 I know KBDFans has foam inserts for the spacebar but I don't know if these inserts also exist for the other keys, and I'd rather not wait for the shipping times if it's something that I can solve with different methods.

They're Cherry profile PBT if that helps.