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[IC] Waka60 - Ortho DIY Kit - GB October 5th - 25th
« on: Fri, 10 September 2021, 18:29:38 »
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IC Form

GB Details

Vendor: MechWild (global)
When: October 5th 11AM EST - October 25th whenver
Price: 40 USD
Sales format: Unlimited for roughly 3 weeks
Kit Colors: Black, White, Blue, Green, Yellow
Fulfillment period: End of year is our goal

We'll be setting up the product page this weekend and updating the thread when it's ready. The kit colors were chosen based on IC responses. As the PCB is smaller than the switch plate, all kits will use a blue PCB with white silkscreen. We will be offering an alternate bottom plate graphic for the green kits for a small upcharge. As for add-ons and extra parts, those will be our standard suite of products: MillMax sockets, extra parts, etc.

Hello again. We have a new and exciting board to show you guys today. This one posed a bit of a challenge to us though. We actually created the layout and finished about 90% of the design before figuring out the name. It started with a general theme, video games, but I couldn’t find the name that was just right. After a few days of not really thinking about it, I had an epiphany. What video game has right angles and bright colors and constant beeping noises? That’s right, Pac-man. If you’ve played the game, you’ll remember that Pac-man, the protagonist and titular character, constantly makes ‘waka waka’ noises as he moves around the game board.

Speaker Test

We’ve already got a prototype assembled and ready to show off, but there are some minor tweaks that need to happen before we’re 100% ready to sell this as a product.


The layout is a simple one, a couple of 4x6 ortholinear clusters with some space in the middle for a tasteful cutout design and an optional rotary encoder. There is an LED strip that is arranged under the cutouts so you can use them as indicators, a traffic light simulation, or whatever your heart desires and brain can write into firmware. This board will be powered by a BlackPill so it’ll be USB-C capable out of the box. The bottom row is centered, but staggered just a little bit because of the central column. The bottom row works with a 7u spacebar along with several other layouts shown below.


Kit Contents
  • Switch plate, PCB, bottom plate
  • All assembly hardware
  • BlackPill dev board and all necessary components
  • Encoder and knob
  • Rubber bumpons
As with our previous kits, you’ll need to supply the switches, keycaps, and stabilizers.

There will be a build guide created and published right before fulfillment.

This board will be compatible with QMK, VIA, and VIAL. Once we are happy with the design, we will be posting plate files to our Github.

IC Form again.

Thank you for reading through our IC and we can’t wait to get this GB started.
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Re: [IC] Waka60 - Ortho DIY Kit
« Reply #1 on: Fri, 10 September 2021, 19:44:40 »
I like the 7u spacebar with ortho. I'm in for one

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Re: [IC] Waka60 - Ortho DIY Kit
« Reply #2 on: Fri, 10 September 2021, 20:07:07 »
Looks really nice! GLWIC  :thumb:
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Re: [IC] Waka60 - Ortho DIY Kit
« Reply #3 on: Wed, 15 September 2021, 15:30:07 »
Quick Update

We have ordered the 2nd prototype with some small changes to component placement and some art for the bottom plate.

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Re: [IC] Waka60 - Ortho DIY Kit
« Reply #4 on: Tue, 21 September 2021, 10:49:57 »
Interested. Filled IC