Author Topic: Making a DIY Gasket TKL(Pre IC, IC?)  (Read 1081 times)

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Making a DIY Gasket TKL(Pre IC, IC?)
« on: Fri, 17 September 2021, 15:50:56 »

Forward: I've been looking for a while to hopefully find "the one" keyboard that has all of the features that I want from it.
Sadly, this led to the final realization that if I couldn't buy it, I'd have to make it.

I'm in the process of designing a keyboard case from scratch at the moment, the specs are as follows:

-TKL (I've had a TKL keyboard before and loved the way it looked like the main piece to my desk, the layout, Sadly there doesn't seem to be many great options in this format as some people tend to like the smaller 75% format)

-Gasket Mount (Despite being a buzzword in the MK community I think that I would enjoy the flex and sound isolation that comes with this mounting style)

-Wood Construction (This has been the largest hold-up and the main reason that I decided to make my own keyboard rather than attempt to find a prebuilt)

-Screwless Design (While there will be screws holding 2 of the pieces together I wanted to make it so that you wouldn't be able to see the screws from any angle)

-Foam/silicone (This is still a very early design but I do hope to add some foam or silicone to the final assembly)

The board I'm designing is still in very early production but if this is something that more people are interested in I'd love to know. Theoretically once the prototype is designed and done I would be able to make it out of other materials as well

I would love to hear any feedback that you all may have or even some possible feature suggestions!


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Re: Making a DIY Gasket TKL(Pre IC, IC?)
« Reply #1 on: Sat, 09 October 2021, 16:10:16 »
Please, post every update