Author Topic: SE/FI -> DK/NO Amiga 500 keycaps for NMB (Hi-Tek) & Cherry (early A2000)  (Read 695 times)

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I know this is a somewhat special request, but on the off chance there are any Danes or Norwegians on the forum who find (and are shocked to learn) that they have spare NMB keycaps for the localized "" & "" keys for their Amiga 500 -- perhaps from past projects -- I am on the lookout for those. (Or maybe even someone in a different territory who bought this and found these strange keys on the keyboard, switftly followed by ensuing panic) ;)

I have a few keyboards which are in need of said keys, primarily the NMB (Hi-Tek / "Space Invaders") and the Amiga 2000 Cherry board. (I realize the majority of users on here are probably not deeply vested in Amiga hardware, but it's worth a try nevertheless.) :)

The keys I have are the Swedish/Finnish and , so a swap could also be of interest (providing there are anyone looking for these on the forum, I know it is kind of special). Both the Space Invaders caps and the Cherry ones I have (in SE/FI layout) are in mint condition.

So if anyone would like to part with some keys or swap existing ones please do let me know. I can then hopefully finish some of my on-going projects!  :cool: