Author Topic: Do many (most?) employers perform an ergonomic evaluation when you begin work?  (Read 2130 times)

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A recent thread here in the ergonomics forum concerning a FAANG corporation has got me wondering: do most employers in the 2020s perform ergonomic evaluations when you start the job? 


Do most employers nowadays perform an ergonomic evaluation when (and only when) an employee starts complaining of hand/wrist pain?

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I think that most companies do not do any ergonomic evaluation before health issues happen. At least I never experienced that. (Bigger) Companies make sure to obey ergonomic related laws of the country of residence and that is it.

It is also questionable what is officially ergonomic and what is best for a particular person. E.g I always liked chairs which allow me recline back a lot but that is far from "proper" sitting posture.  The reclined chairs never caused me a problem but they may cause problems to others. I like 3D contoured split keyboards but most geekhackers say flat keyboards are better. I advocate thumb clusters other people prefer big ass space bar. God help me if my employer would want to force me to use proper ergonomic postures and the "proper" ergonomic input devices. I want to practise/use what feels most ergonomic to me. Taking frequent breaks is probably the only thing people can agree on. And that is just the thing VimLover did not obey in his thread.

And if you do not regularly exercise at least 20 mins a day at your top  power (or at least an hour a day at a slightly relaxed power) then your health will go to crappers regardless of ergonomic policies of your employers. Not exercising will hit one badly by about 40 years of age. Well that is if the employment is a standard office work.

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Depends on the HR department. I would say most don't.

The company I work for do as part of their WFH checklist.

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I really don't think I've heard of many employers that perform an ergo eval (not sure what that would entail anyway). Most companies leave it up to the employee to take care of themselves, sometimes they will help pay for an ergonomic keyboard or something but that's about it.

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I don't believe most do, no.

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Nope, i swear my office has terrible ergonomics

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No chance - most cases you have to go to a doctor and prove you need ergonomic devices to get it paid for through your employer