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[GB] Blush Linear Switch | Shipping to vendors
« on: Sat, 16 April 2022, 05:02:44 »

Group Buy Date

The group buy will run from the 15th of April to the 12th of May.
Originally, the GB was set to run from the 15th of April to the 12th of May. Due to slight delays and to maintain consistency between vendors, the end date has been extended to the 23rd of May.


Estimated Fulfilment Date

Q3 2022


Photos & Renders



Renders are not indicative of the final colour. Please refer to the photos for a more accurate representation.


Switch Information and Background


Top housing - Polycarbonate
Bottom housing - Nylon
Stem - Long POM linear stem
Spring - 58g dual-stage stainless steel spring
Factory lube - None
Travel distance - 3.3mm

Sick of thin, cheap sounding and feeling switches, I wanted to provide something different to a lot of the newer linears on the market, specifically those manufactured by Durock/JWK. With this in mind, I had two primary goals with this switch - to provide full and even housing collisions while maintaining that level of smoothness that enthusiasts have come to expect in recent years. After multiple rounds of prototyping, the Blush linear switch is ready to be run in its final form.

For the top housing, while prototypes were made with both polycarbonate (PC) and nylon plastic, polycarbonate was chosen over nylon to provide a better overall typing feel. Nylon leads to the switch feeling ‘flat’ and sounding dull and introduces slightly more scratch to the keystroke - similar to that of stock MX Blacks. Polycarbonate was determined to be the better choice because of the higher level of smoothness it provides, as well as the poppier sound signature.
Dual-stage springs are generally longer than normal springs, which tend to be around 15mm in length. The springs used in the Blush linear switch are 20mm in length, which is significantly longer than standard 15mm springs. Because of the extra length, the spring is pre-compressed in the switch, making it heavier at the start of the keystroke, which also leads to a snappier return, providing more feedback when typing. Not only does this deliver a more satisfying typing experience, but it also helps towards combating the slight thinness in feel that polycarbonate top housings can introduce - by topping out with greater force.
The stem is made of POM and has a pole that’s longer than normal linear switches. The extra length improves the sound of the switch and causes a sharper, hard-hitting bottom out. Just like the dual-stage spring, the longer stem also helps to increase typing feedback and provides a more satisfying and ‘full’ feeling.
Nylon is a great all-rounder material for bottom housings, which is why it’s seen in many switches. It has high wear resistance and is relatively hard, which is necessary to keep the switch working well even when abused during long gaming sessions.


The switch is manufactured by Aflion, as denoted by the branding on the top housing. While being a relatively new manufacturer, the quality of their switches is exceptional. Over the last few months, samples from various manufacturers have been tested to find the one most suited to provide the level of quality I was seeking. After seeing what Aflion had to offer, I was immediately very impressed and chose to work with them closely to bring my vision into a product that I was happy with. Aflion’s switches tend to have thicker housings, similar to those of Tecsee, while coming at a cheaper price point. The thicker housings provide a more solid and premium typing feel, in line with the design goals of the switch.


Additional Renders

Shown on PLX by


Typing Tests and Reviews

Lubed Blush Linears on the Ciel (GMK) - All Caps on Youtube

Lubed Blush Linears on the Ciel (CRP) - All Caps on YouTube

Lubed Blush Linears on the Windx65 - Killa Keyboards on Youtube

Lubed Blush Linears on the Polaris - Warmthoughts on Twitch

Lubed Blush Linears on the Ikki68 Aurora - SwitchDoctor on Twitch

Lubed Blush Linears on the Praxis IM - SwitchDoctor on Twitch

Lubed Blush Linears on the Kepler FC65 - ductchmasterw on Twitch

Stock Blush Linears on the F1 - ThicThacThok on Twitch

Stock Blush Linears on the Palmetto60 - Jae proto[Typist] on YouTube

Stock Blush Linears on the Freebird60 - Zestrion on YouTube

In-depth written Blush Linear switch review - Grumpy from Keebs ‘n Stuff

Vendors & Pricing
Prices shown in each vendor’s local currency, per pack of 10 switches.

NA - Dangkeebs $5.50
CA - AlphaKeys $7.00
EU - MyKeyboard €6.00
UK - proto[Typist] £4.33
SK - Swagkeys ₩6,759
VN - UniqMeck ₫135,000
AUS - All Caps $7.50
CN/ROW - KBDfans $5.50 USD


Special thanks to the following people-
Rory from for providing the renders
The team from AllCaps, especially JC for all of his help
Nangtendo for taking the amazing photos
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Re: [GB] Blush Linear Switch
« Reply #1 on: Sat, 16 April 2022, 05:11:49 »

The GB switches will use a slightly modified mould featuring a few overall improvements. Specs are exactly the same however the switches will have increased smoothness to the already very smooth prototypes, along with a tighter stem to keycap grip to address a couple of reports of loose keycaps on larger, non-stabilised keys (1.25u+). The new mould also improves general housing tolerances and stem wobble. Rest assured, you’ll still be receiving the switch as advertised and shown on streams - just even better!

To address factory lubing, prototypes shown by content creators had a small amount of factory lube on the leaf, however I have communicated with the factory so that no factory lube at all is to be applied to the final GB switches.

Thank you to everyone that participated in the group buy! The order has been placed with Aflion and the switches are expected to start shipping to vendors in a month.

Production has completed, switches will be shipped to vendors next week.
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Re: [GB] Blush Linear Switch
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Love these switches, soooo pretty!

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Re: [GB] Blush Linear Switch
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I have high hopes for these switches, not sure on joining the gb though...
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