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- Introduction
- Design
- Product Photos
- Product Showcase
- Spec
- What's Included
- Colorways
- Group Buy Info
- Customizable Options
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Hi all, this is ClickClack!

We are ready to start the limited in-stock sale and group buy of the Pixelspace Capsule!


You can refer to the Capsule Interest Check in GH.


The following photos are all shot with physical products. Due to the lighting and atmosphere setup for photography, final product may differ and for reference only.


:3ildcat’s Build Video

DBOKey’s Build Video

MechMerlin Build Stream VOD

TaehaTypes’ Build Stream VOD

Alexotos’ Build Stream VOD


► Form Factor: 65%
► Typing angle: 6°
► Front height: 18mm
► PCB: 1.2mm Hotswappable/solderable Black PCB with flex-cuts
► Mounting: Leaf Spring with Gasket Socks
► Plate: PC, FR4, POM and Aluminum
► PCB Layouts: ANSI/ISO
► Weight: ~1.6-2.4KG
► Dimension: 357mm x 130mm x 30mm


► 1 x Top and bottom case: Aluminum
► 1 x Curved Sidebar: Aluminum/PVD Stainless Steel
► 1 x Nameplate module: Aluminum/PVD Stainless Steel
► 1 x LED Diffuser
► 1 x Plate of your choices: PC/FR4/POM/Alu
► 1 x USB-C port module: Aluminum
► 1 x Custom Daughterboard
▼ 1 x PCB: ANSI Hotswap/ANSI Soldered/ISO Soldered

▼ 1 x 3.5mm PORON® Plate Foam

▼ 1 x Custom cut 0.5mm Under-switch PE Foam

▼ 1 x Case Foams: 2.5mm

▼ 17 x Gasket Socks

▼ 10 x Stabilizer Shims


▼ Ivory (Electrophoresis)

▼ Yellow (Electrophoresis)

▼ Black (Anodized)

▼ Silver (Anodized, R2 new color)

▼ True Red (Anodized, R2 new color)

▼ Light Green (Anodized, R2 new color)


► Global Vendor/Where to join:

► Groupbuy Start Time: June 15th 2022 20:00 EST
► Groupbuy End Time: June 20th 2022 23:59 EST

► Quantities: Unlimited Groupbuy
▼ Pricing (Exclude Shipping):
- Full anodized aluminum version: From $316 USD
- Electrophoresis case with Alu Sidebar&Badge version: From $332 USD
- Anodized case with PVD Stainless Steel Sidebar&Badge version: from $365 USD
- Electrophoresis case with PVD Stainless Steel Sidebar&Badge version: $382 USD
Because there are so many configurable options, we didn't

► Shipping: 3.8kg Stainless Steel Sidebar Units, 3.1kg for full Alu unit
► Estimate Fulfillment Timeframe: Q1 2023

How to make sure you don't miss the Capsule sale

1. Fill out our Pixelspace Capsule Interest Check Form, we will send email notification.
2. Join ClickClack Discord
3. In ClickClack Discord, get "PixelSpace" role in #roles channel and we will notify you.


All Add-ons ships for free.

Sidebar and Badge Material, Finish and Colors Options:

Gunmetal Anodized Aluminum Sidebar and Badge: From $316
Gunmetal Sandblasted PVD Stainless Steel Sidebar and Badge: From $365
Chroma Sandblasted PVD Stainless Steel Sidebar and Badge: From $365
Mirror PVD Stainless Steel Sidebar and Badge: From $382


IMPORTANT NOTE 1: R1 daughterboards are NOT compatible with R2 PCB! DO NOT mix-and-match R1 and R2 PCBs and daughterboards or it will damage your components!
IMPORTANT NOTE 2: Extra PCB will ship on Q1 2023
IMPORTANT NOTE 3: R1 In-Stock customer who brought R2 PCB will get an extra R2 DB for free
IMPORTANT NOTE 4: R1 In-Stock Units only have R1 Hotswap ANSI PCB available

PCB Options and Add-on PCBs:

▷ Hotswap (ANSI): $45

▷ Soldered (ISO/ANSI): $37


Plate Options or Extra Plates:

Available for both Hotswap and Soldered PCB

▽ FR4 Plate: $27

▽ PC plate: $30

▽ POM plate: $30

▷ Alu Plate: $32

Other Add-ons:

▽ Capsule Customize Cable: $20

Color matches with Capsule Kit colorways:
▷ Black
▷ Ivory
▷ Yellow
▷ Light Green (not in picture)
▷ True Red (not in picture)
▷ Silver (not in picture)


Difference Between In-Stock and Groupbuy Versions

R1 In-Stock VersionR2 Groupbuy Version
Typing Angle
Front Height20mm18mm
Curved SidebarPVD BrassAnodized Alu, PVD Stainless-steel
BadgeAnodized Gunmetal AluSame finish and material as Sidebar
Badge "Capsule" LogoConvexConcave
Sidebar "Pixelspace" Logo    CNC EngravedLaser Engraved
Daughterboard (DB)Custom DBCustom ai03 C3 Unified DB
Premium USBC-A CableIncluded with kitSold as add-on
Included PCB OptionsOnly ANSI HotswapSoldered ANSI/ISO and Hotswap ANSI
Included Plate OptionsPC, POM, FR4PC, POM, FR4, Alu
ColorwaysIce Blue, E-Yellow, E-Ivory, Black       E-Yellow, E-Ivory, Black, Red, Silver, Green


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