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[IC] NoFaff - low profile macropad
« on: Thu, 14 July 2022, 15:43:58 »

Hi everyone!
My name is Kfir and i would like to present to you - NoFaff macropad.

NoFaff macropad

NoFaff is a project of mine that addresses some of the things i found missing on other keyboards out there,
i'm really happy with the outcome so far. i hope you will like it too.

i wanted to make a macropad that would:
   1. be low profile.
   2. have a small foot print on my desk.
   3. have enough keys and layers to serve all my daily use-cases (video editing, CAD, EDA, Gaming, streaming, etc)
   4. be usable without any screens.
   5. easily configurable.
   6. and would be ascetically pleasing. (Bongo cat is the cutest :3 )

Easy per key color editor:

Layer changing:

About me:
i'm a maker at heart and i do a bit of everything.
CAD,CNCing, embedded code, PCB design. what ever the project requires.

Details :
- Open hardware
- Kailh Choc compatible
- Type-C USB connector
- QMK / custom Vial firmware
- FR4 mounting plate
- FR4 back plate with gold plated Bongo cat :D
- 24 Very bright RGB LEDs.
- Per key LED color mapping supported for all 8 layers through custom instance of Vial.
- Easy assembly/built with a soldering iron and a screw driver.
- supports Linux, Windows, MacOS, Android and so on...

physical size:
120 x 80 x 11 - mm
4.7 x 3.15 x 0.43 - inch

vendor: - click the "get notified" button to get email notifications about the keyboard.

- Only 150 boards for the time being.
- Group buy early August 2022 depending on the interest. (FCFS)

- 125 euro
+ 19 euro shipping for most of the world

Estimated shipping : 8 week from the end of the group buy.

Mitigating risks:
 - i have secured components for 150+ keyboards.
 - i have validated manufacturing with a small run of keyboards with my manufacture.

To Do:
- custom made keycaps (not sure yet if it's going to be with this GB)
- fix global illumination, cause it's too bright.

Discussion and feedback on my Discord
See my site for me examples of using the keyboard

Thank you for reading my IC !

Beauty shots:

size comparison:


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Re: [IC] NoFaff - low profile macropad
« Reply #1 on: Wed, 20 July 2022, 13:56:01 »
This looks amazing! I love the PCB art on the back.

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Re: [IC] NoFaff - low profile macropad
« Reply #2 on: Fri, 22 July 2022, 13:20:11 »
Thank you :D it was a lot of work to draw it.