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I've been using my HHKB Pro2 as a daily driver now for over 10 years and it's finally time to expand my horizons a bit. I've tried TKLs, 85%, 75%, 65%, and I don't like any of them. So I want to stay with the HHKB form factor (and yes, I realise none of the 60% boards use the actual HHKB layout - though I'm not sure why. I presume it's a trademark/copyright or whatever issue.)

Actually the main point of this is not to replace my existing HHKB Pro2. It's that I'm in a situation now where ideally I'd like 3 of them. And instead of just buying two more I'd like to try some alternatives.

The reason I want to trade and not sell is because I want actual help as well. I realise my plan might be a tall order.

Wall of text follows.

Here's what I have for trade:
- ClackFactory Skull OG Tri, Topre stem, used. See attached photos, please excuse the bad camera and lighting. Also I didn't clean the keycap beforehand. The keycap has been used for approx. 2-3 years at this point. Prior to that it was on display only.


I also have these, but I presume there's no interest in them:
- Poker x KBC, used for a year, with Reds (
- Ducky One 3 Daybreak TKL with MX Clears, never used as a daily driver, but I have used it to test a few dozen switches so it has been hotswapped a fair bit. I might rather keep it for that purpose. I bought this for the keycaps color scheme, but the legends are way too ugly and badly printed to be repurposed
- Possibly WhiteFox TKL, never used
- Possibly Siig MiniTouch "GeekHack Space Saver" keyboard from 2010 with bag, never used

Of course I will provide more information and better pictures and/or video of each if there is any interest. I've attached one picture of each to the bottom of the post. There's a post here with pictures of another MiniTouch:

Obviously the two last boards have been enjoyed aesthetically, auditorily (sp?), played with, and tested but never been used as daily drivers. WhiteFox has been plugged into a PC less than 8 hours total and the MiniTouch has never been plugged in.

I don't actually want to part with the WhiteFox and MiniTouch, but I will if the right offer comes along.

Here's what I want:
  • 1 or 2 modern HHKB alternatives with hotswap (and I'd pay any difference), prefer dark/black/silver/burgundy but other colors will be considered if you provide a keycap set I like with it
  • I don't need keys, caps, or cable provided board is dark/black/silver/burgundy
  • For example Brutal 60, kbdfans D60, Monke Tetris 60, Thermal SEQ2, GSKT-OO, Sangeo 60, Axe 60, Polaris 60 v2, Derivative 60 r1, Moment 60, or some other model I don't know about - depending on prices I might want 2 different boards, and pay the difference
  • To talk to someone who has at least two HHKB alternatives. Prefer an actual phone call or some kind of video chat, so that I can get some help narrowing down the alternatives
  • I want to know which alibaba or otherwise supplier I should use for ordering custom deskmats/mousepads with company logos or graphics, and what to tell them to get good quality ones, with MOQ of 100.
(I might buy a D60 and Brutal60 within the next week regardless, and I have already ordered the Keychron Q60 at

I also want, but I'm not sure if or which I'd end up using, and if you don't have these it's not a dealbreaker:
- ThinkCaps RGB kit
- ThinkCaps Accent kit
(I have the other kits in the set)

My thoughts on mounting type
I had never heard of this until last week. I was present here in the community 10+ years ago and stopped when I was happy with my HHKB. And now I came back. Things sure have changed!

Here's what I can say regarding keyboard build thus far: I like the feel of the original HHKB Pro2 and the Keychron K4. Though obviously I don't like the K4s layout.

I don't like the feel of the Ducky One 3, Das Keyboard 4 Professional (jeez this one was horrendous, I'm never recommending them to my customers ever again), Ducky One 2, WhiteFox TKL, Logitech MX Mechanical, Razer Pro Type Ultra, Poker, SteelSeries 6Gv2, Noppoo Choc Mini, Corsair K95, or any other board I've tried. I'm obviously not talking about the switches here, but typing angle, height, flex, bounciness, and other such factors combined.

That's really all I can say. I don't know if I'd prefer tray, top, bottom, sandwich, plateless, integrated, gasket, or some hybrid mount system. I'm not sure how you'd categorize the HHKB Pro2 or Keychron K4 (though obviously I could find out easily, it's probably not enough to make an informed decision anyway.)

My thoughts on switch
My plan is to use either Gateron Oil Kings or Gazzew Boba U4, but I might also consider something closer to Gateron Reds in my builds. I'll happily take advice here as well. I've ordered another 20-30 different switches to try out in addition to the 30+ I have already, but obviously I'm nowhere close to having them all :-)

Obviously I like Topre, but it limits customizability too much to be any fun :-P

Final thoughts and shipping details, etc
I realise that the Tetris 60 and other boards will not be available for at least 6 months to 3 years.

Feel free to look through my post history to see when I bought the HHKB Pro2. I don't have that many posts. Also I upgraded it with a custom PCB from hasu in January of 2020 because the old USB connector was becoming quite dodgy.

I live in Norway. Shipping will be to an unverified address. More details will be provided to the relevant parties. I will ship my items worldwide, and I will mark the package however you want and use whatever shipping service you want, and also pack it according to your instructions if you want.

I don't use Paypal. I don't use Venmo. I have a normal bank account, and I can probably use Western Union (but I have never tried it before.) I have used once.

I'm not on Discord. I'm not on reddit. I'm on GH and email.
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Re: [WTT] [H] Topre Clack Skull OG Tri + KBs [W] HHKB alts / ThinkCaps
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Approval bump :thumb:

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Re: [WTT] [H] Topre Clack Skull OG Tri + KBs [W] HHKB alts / ThinkCaps
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Thanks for the approval.

I just wanted to say that I'm open to advice, criticism and suggestions about the entire post. If anyone reads it and thinks "this will never happen", please let me know which part I need to remove or change.

I've gotten a few good replies to it so I am happy thus far, but I'm always worried that I've asked for too much.
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Re: [WTT] [H] Topre Clack Skull OG Tri + KBs [W] HHKB alts / ThinkCaps
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One of the first people to contact me was Lightning, and he has traded me a Tetrix 60 + build for the keycap!

I will not close this thread because I actually might have one more of the same key.

When the keys were made available for sale ages ago I tried to buy 4, because my friend had 3 Realforce boards and I had my HHKB. EliteKeyboards stopped that order, but they did allow me to order 2 + some (I think it was 4) MX single color skulls.

Problem is, we can't find the 2nd tricolor skull :D

But we are looking. Many other people have also messaged me about trades, so there is a queue already when (I hope) we find it.
Let the Holy Handgrenades rain.
Hammering on an old Happy Hacking Pro 2. Still going strong!