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Hi everyone!
« on: Tue, 20 September 2022, 03:28:23 »
German keyboard enthusiast here.

Recently got into mechanical keyboards after using Apple A1016/A1048 for ages.

Had a Keychron K3v2 ISO first but didn't really get along with the low profile keys and layout.

My first custom is an Idobao ID87 Crystal that just came in yesterday. Durock Shrimp switches are on the way. Not modded yet but coming up. :)

Quick rundown of non-keeb stuff: working in IT, hobbies include making music in my small studio at home, cycling, photography.
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Home: "Goldeneye" - Idobao ID87 Crystal, Durock Shrimp, DSA PBT Retro beige, mstone crystal wrist rest
Work: "Luscious Lime" - KBDFans Tofu 96, Gateron Silent Yellow, SA Lime, Razer wrist rest

"Codelicious 64" - CA66 Light Sand, ?, MT3 WoB [planning]
"kAwAii" (SO) - Melgeek Mojo 84 / NextTime X75, Silent Alpaca, Akko Prunus Lannesiana [planning]
"Milky Chance" - Zoom 65/TKL Lilac + Mirror Gold Plate, Silent Alpaca, [TBD] [planning]