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EMT V2 Switch Review
« on: Sun, 30 October 2022, 10:57:03 »
Hey all,

Without much other information out there about them, I could help but be intrigued by the new EMT V2 switches since I use EMT V1s in my daily work board. However, upon immediate inspection these new switches not only look nothing like the originals, but weren't even made by the same manufacturer. So take a look here to see if the newest iteration of EMT switches live up to the reputation of that one anime princess Emilia from Re:Zero, or something. (I have no idea, I just know that's what the name is based on...)

Scorecard Repository:
Force Curve Repository:

As always, thank you all for the continued support and readership of these reviews. In especially more busy weeks with a much more challenging schedule to navigate around for writing time, its the support I get from you all that makes it a bit easier.


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Re: EMT V2 Switch Review
« Reply #1 on: Thu, 16 March 2023, 16:41:15 »
Didn't know that the V2 was made by Haimu. Haimu created some of the best quality switches that come at a fair price. I guess I need to try the V2 this time.