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C64 to MX switch adapters
« on: Tue, 06 November 2018, 16:45:03 »
Im doing a commodore 64 cap build and noticed that the shapeways link isnt live anymore.   

Spent some time designing some new ones, these are for the black c64 stems and fit mx style stems including Kailh Box, as they are designed as a snug fit to the inside of the box.

stl format. * adaptors v1.stl

I Hope someone finds some use, they are as short as they can possibly be and tight on the switch end but snug/removable on the cap end for cleaning. definately not permanent on either.

I had the block of 70 printed for about 17.

Left is a C64 cap next to a Filco on the right you can see the caps are slightly lifted but not too high off the plate, maybe 0.8mm or so :) I feel like its acceptable anyway, they certainly dont wobble too much which i was worried about.

This design is free to anyone for their own non commercial use.

Some interesting info about different C64 switch stems/plungers and spare bits for sale.  I have no commecial interest in this site but came across it during my searches for information.

It seems there are 3 or 4 diffent plunger types, the adapters here are designed for the most common type 1 

I really like C64 caps heavy sculpt not unlike SA but seems more exagerated especially nice dish to the tops.   

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