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Need a buying suggestion.
« on: Thu, 07 September 2023, 07:00:54 »
I need a wireless keypad that I can use for game room gaming of strictly isometric (top down rpg games like divinity/pillars of eternity). All the rest, I play my fps or any form of shooter at the desk in my chair upright; and I play my story specific and action rpg games (witcher/ god of war) on an Xbox elite controller.

I need suggestions. The only real issue is, really the fact that there aren't many wireless options, and am worried about the signal from my room next door to the couch outside, about 30 ft away but with two walls of the bath in between.

I can look into just getting a wired one and run a Bluetooth converter deal. I need one of those on the side anyway to ensure for anything on the go at university and my work as a consultant.

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Re: Need a buying suggestion.
« Reply #1 on: Sat, 09 September 2023, 04:27:56 »
Welcome to geekhack

If you are talking about numpads specifically than aliesxpress has a bunch of cheap plastic options

Here is one as an example, this is one is hotswap so you can customise it.

Another Example I found was the melgeek Mojo pad, which is a lot more expensive but seems much higher in quality (I feel that this price is only if you really want this)

There are better more premium stuff if converting the wire to bluetooth is fine by you. Keychron K0 is the best thing I've mentioned here pricey and not wireless, on the plus side it does have via so you can reprogram it.

If you are looking for a macropad, then there are tons of options on aliexpress, keep in mind if you find one that has the brand DOIO on it than go on taobao and use superbuy as proxy as you can get it much cheaper.

The DOIO does seem fine but check if they are wireless

example here

Hopefully this helps.

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Re: Need a buying suggestion.
« Reply #2 on: Mon, 11 September 2023, 16:25:17 »
ZoomPad looks really nice.

But there is much cheaper options out there for these like posted above AliExpress has a few.