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[IC] Titus65 - Gummy O-Ring Mounted Concrete Keyboard
« on: Tue, 10 October 2023, 01:12:01 »

Designend by Mehka Studio

(these are just prototypes)

Hello everyone! It's Felix from Mehka studio based in Seattle. Today we are serving you with the stone cold looks of the new Titus65, one out of five projects I have lined up currently. This is a 65% layout gummy O-ring mounted keyboard case made out of high-grade concrete. While it's still in its prototype phase, I'm eager to gather your insights and feedback to refine it further before production. This project begin earlier this year and the goal was to create a keyboard that would be unique, require little internal dampening and that could be produced for in stock . The internal structure was curated for the purpose of sound diffusion and to get rid of standing waves to reduce the hollowness that concrete boards usually have. Designed around the Fibonacci sequence, the Titus65 pays homage to both brutalist and Roman architecture. It's a fresh departure from the usual box and wedge designs prevalent in the market.

I have been in this hobby since late 2019, I ventured into this project with a clear goal – to offer an affordable, and unique keyboard design that existing Bakeneko65 users can seamlessly transition to. The Titus65 supports both the Bakeneko and Array Parallel PCBs, making case switches a breeze. I am committed to delivering a product that meets your exceptions and adds a unique flair to your setup!

Discord coming soon!

0. Table of Contents

1.   Specifications
2.   Why concrete?
3.   Design principles & challenges
4.   Price and Sale Details
5.   Media
6.   Colors
7.   Material talk
8.   Layout
9.   Photos
10. Design catalog
11. Status/timeline
12. Typing test

-   Typing angle 8
-   Front heigh 19.2mm
-   Mounting style: gummy O-ring (compatible with both bakeneko65 and array parallel pcbs)
-   Weight: 0.9kg unbuilt 1.3kg build
-   Dimensions: 320.7 X 121.2 X 34.1 mm
-   1mm cork sheet as feet
-   Uses unified daughterboard.
-   Material: high-grade concrete, mineral pigment, and glass fiber
-   Unibody screw-less case
-   Dual mounting positions
-   All handmade and one of a kind

Concrete might not be the first material that springs to mind when envisioning a keyboard. But its unique properties make it an interesting choice for such a purpose. The concrete we use is a high-grade self-compacting glass fiber reinforced concrete composite, it is made from fine silica sand with Portland cement, there additional admixtures to help with flow cure rate. Color is done by using mineral pigments. AC fiber glass is added for tensile strength support.

-   1. Sound Resonance: Concrete possesses a unique sonic signature. Its dense and porous nature grants it distinct acoustics, offering a deep and resonant typing experience if made right. Unlike traditional materials which can sometimes produce a hollow sound, this concrete case ensures that each keystroke is satisfyingly solid, mimicking the sturdiness the material is celebrated for.

-   2. Customizability through Casting: The casting process inherent to concrete allows for greater design flexibility. Unlike CNC machining which subtracts material, casting is an additive process. This means intricate designs, and patterns, can be integrated seamlessly into the mold, producing unique and distinctive keyboards. Each cast can also have slight variations like small voids, ensuring that every keyboard is not just another unit, but a one-of-a-kind piece.

-   3. Sustainability and Durability: Concrete is built to last. With proper care, a concrete keyboard can stand the test of time, both in terms of functionality and aesthetics. Over time the concrete will slowly patina and develop its own personality. This adds to the unique and one of kind look to the board.

-   4. Instant Availability for "In-Stock" Sales: Hand-making these keyboards offers another unique advantage: the ability to create and maintain stock. This can significantly reduce the wait time often associated with custom keyboard group buys, allowing enthusiasts to get their hands on their desired product sooner.

While many concrete boards on the market prioritize heft, the Titus65 took a different approach. Our design emphasizes sleek and distinct lines, moving away from the prevalent boxy and wedge aesthetics. Furthermore, by leveraging the casting process, we've introduced intricate shapes and angles that would challenge conventional CNC machining.

Design Principles:
  • Geometry & Aesthetics: The bezel dimensions are inspired by the Fibonacci sequence (0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13). When you add 5 to these numbers, they translate into design elements of the board: 7mm for the side bezels, 8 typing angle, 10mm for the bottom bezel, and 13mm for the top bezel.
  • Architectural Inspiration: The board draws its aesthetics from Roman and Brutalist architectural designs, deviating from the usual boxy and wedge shapes prevalent in the market.
  • Handling & Durability: Designed with ease of handling in mind. While it's made of concrete, which can be fragile, its form factor reduces additional stress when picked up or moved around.
  • Sound Signature: The choice of concrete, combined with a carefully thought-out internal design, offers a unique and clean acoustic experience with minimal need for dampening.
  • Mounting and Compatibility: Since we only offer cases at the moment we definitely wanted to make this board widely compatible with pre-existing keyboards. There are two mounting positions available to cater to PCBs with O-ring cutouts either between the 'ESC' and '1' keys or between the '1' and '2' keys. We'll be including customizable pegs, allowing you to choose the configuration that suits your setup best. Bakeneko65 and Array Parallel pcbs and all their variants will fit this board.
Design Challenges:    
  • Sound Optimization: Traditional concrete boards often sound muted or hollow. To address this, I introduced pyramidal structures at the base of the internal design. This helps in diffusing sound waves and results in a clearer and more resonant sound signature.
  • Durability & Care: Like a delicate ceramic, the board might not withstand great heights if dropped. At some areas the board is only half a centimeter in length! However, under regular use and care, it's designed to last indefinitely.

Sale format: In Stock! (12/8/23)
Units: 150 units per month, restocks the 8th of every month for the next 3-6 months.
Price: - $129 for pure collection
          - $149 for marble collection
Disclaimer: By default, purchases only include the case! In the future I may include other compenents like PCB, plate, daughtboard and O-ring but for now lets stick to the case C:

N/A will be reaching out to creators soon!


Currently still working on finalizing the colors choices but here is what we offer so far

Pure Edition:
  • Slate
  • Moonlight
  • Wine
Marble Edition:
  • Jade (coming soon)
  • Coffee and Cream (coming soon)
  • White Marble (coming soon)
Finishes come in either Matte or Glossy


At the heart of the Titus65 is its primary material: high-grade self-consolidating concrete, enhanced with mineral pigments and AR glass fiber reinforcement.

What is Self-Consolidating Concrete?
Self-consolidating concrete (SCC) is a specialized blend designed for high fluidity, ensuring a smooth, defect-free surface without the need for mechanical vibration. It excels in its ability to fill intricate molds, making it a prime choice for the nuanced design features of the Titus65.

Specifications & Benefits:

- High Fluidity: SCC's nature guarantees a pristine finish without imperfections, accentuating the Titus65's design intricacies.
- Durability: Reinforced with AR (Alkali-Resistant) glass fibers, this concrete offers enhanced durability, protecting against potential wear and tear.
- Sound Properties: Concrete's inherent characteristics contribute to a distinct sound signature, giving a muted bottom-out and a resonant return.
- Mineral Pigments: These natural pigments are used to achieve the desired color for the Titus65, ensuring a vibrant and lasting hue while maintaining the integrity of the concrete.


- Acoustic Benefits: Cork, being a natural insulator, not only dampens sound but also reduces vibrations. When paired with concrete, it offers an exceptional blend of auditory and tactile experiences. Thus enhancing the Titus65's unique acoustic signature.
- Design Contrast: The organic texture and warm tone of cork provide a striking contrast to the cool, minimalist nature of concrete. This combination pays homage to the interplay of natural materials, bringing both form and function to the forefront.


- utilizes a high-quality penetrating sealer that can be tailored to provide either a glossy or matte finish. This versatility allows for individualized aesthetic choices, ensuring each keyboard aligns with personal preferences.
-  this sealer enriches the tactile experience. The final surface is not only protected from acidity, stains and more but also feels silky smooth to the touch


Mounting points:


note these are still prototypes, design, and color are subject to change C:

Prototype 0:

Prototype 1:

Prototype 2.1:

Prototype 2.2:

(Heres what the back will look like):


- 10/9/23 IC Launch
- 10/31/23 have final model ready and start producing molds
- 11/8/23 start production
- 12/8/23 first release!
- 1/8/24 second batch

Sorry for very poor quality video, this was recorded on iphone 11, and a Fifine K669B microphone
Here it is! My favorite config is polyfil and one layer of tape!

THANK YOU FOR CHECKING IT OUT, please share and leave comments and suggestions!
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Re: [IC] Titus65 - Gummy O-Ring Mounted Concrete Keyboard
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One question, why cork? It degrades over time
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Re: [IC] Titus65 - Gummy O-Ring Mounted Concrete Keyboard
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One question, why cork? It degrades over time

I chose cork since it is a nice contrast against the concrete and acts as a accent piece. It also improves the sound signature and reduces the hollowness. The great amount of surface area reduces vibrations and acts as feet so it does not slide around. But if it does cause problems and degrades over time I will consider changing the material. Thank you!

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Re: [IC] Titus65 - Gummy O-Ring Mounted Concrete Keyboard
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8/12 can we order this board soon?

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Re: [IC] Titus65 - Gummy O-Ring Mounted Concrete Keyboard
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Where can we order this?