Author Topic: Thank You for Creating Geekhack  (Read 2159 times)

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Thank You for Creating Geekhack
« on: Sun, 29 October 2023, 00:28:07 »
Hello keyboard friends.

The keyboard is extremely very important and it's more than meets the eye and after reading this one will never look at a good keyboard (buy the best, or top 2 only if you can in installments to prevent buyer regret and sell the non-top 2 and buy the top 1 or 2 anyway later which makes it expensive overall/holistically and also adds plastic and materials to the environment).

After prayers (like the mass and rosary which deals will eternal things), time (time-space) is the no. 1 most important tool of life (represented by a good luxury wristwatch) but the 2nd most important is communication, exchange of ideas which built our world and its history and the keyboard best represents by far the tool for communication because it's faster than hand-writing (although hand-writing with a good fountain pen, the king of all writing instruments, is enjoyable than typing, it's slower, less efficient than a good or a the best custom keyboard which OEMs are starting to trump such that there's no need to spend time customizing for complete silence- no thock, no thack, silence is the best but with tactile for maximum precision, bottom out only sound to indicate a key press, sadly for non-mechanical but but the most precise keyboards topre, capacitative and opto/laser-electro based switches), a good or best keyboard is less complicated and more storage compact for documenting/recording ideas compared to gestures and videos (videos although the best at conveying ideas but ideas that are physical, it's harder to convey abstract ideas with videos which is the reason why a book which a movie adapted is sometimes better than the movie adaptation but emotions which are abstract are exceptions coz' it's best conveyed by a video w/ sound with the intonations and facial expressions) which will need a camera and will require more storage.

I'm a blue switch person (and likes the  Magic Mouse 2 coz' it's the most low-profile with keycap surfaces that are flat and wider than OEM or Cherry whose surfaces need to be wider and perfectly flat and each key is nearer than most keyboards built for fast typing, the best is 2mm keycaps distance from Logictech I believe) at only 1.33mm distance) for now because I like to feel the click, may they invent a switch (that's below US$33) that's very clicky (click or tactility is felt like a blue switch) but is absolutely silent coz' at 0 decibel at arm's length and has new types of dampers in the PBT keycaps and all the parts that's not just foam and current dampening and absorption materials.

God bless, life is very short, let's give it all we've got like the saints, Steve Wozniak, Steve Jobs and Elon Musk.

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Re: Thank You for Creating Geekhack
« Reply #1 on: Tue, 31 October 2023, 09:45:13 »
tru but wozniak actually contributed a lot to keyboards and elon is just a douche lol
someone needs to make an aussie keyboard community called QMƎɹ┴⅄. get it? haha :D