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Matias Tactile Switches
« on: Tue, 05 December 2023, 16:40:46 »
From what I see of Matias switches, they make a Clicky switch, a Quiet Click switch, and a linear switch. is there a reason they don't make a non-click tactile switch?  For years, I was all about the clickly switches. But lately, I've really been enjoying tactile switches that are not clicky.

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Re: Matias Tactile Switches
« Reply #1 on: Wed, 06 December 2023, 11:12:14 »
Because Alps is vintage with near no current production keycaps (there are 2-3 sets that I know of, dolch being one). So buyers who want to customize their board are already backed into a corner. Miatas fills a void by offering new switches for vintage applications. They could spend the time/money/effort into designing a new switch, but the market for their switches is and will almost always be very niche.
Always looking for Alps SKCM/SKCL switches. Feel free to DM.
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Re: Matias Tactile Switches
« Reply #2 on: Wed, 06 December 2023, 16:00:40 »
I believe their Quiet Click is a tactile switch with dampeners. I would assume you could just make the same switch without dampeners.

It's really a shame about Alps switches. I really prefer Alps (and Matias) switches to anything the Cherry MX and their clones make. My current favorite Cherry style switch is the Boba/Gazeew U4T. As much as I like it, I'd rather type on anything Alps/Matias over that switch.

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Re: Matias Tactile Switches
« Reply #3 on: Thu, 14 December 2023, 17:54:27 »
Yes, Matias nomenclature is somewhat flawed.

They have a loud, clicky tactile which I think is called "Matias Click" that goes into their "Tactile Pro" keyboard. It's not simply a tactile, it's a clicky tactile, but you might not know that from the keyboard name.

Then, I think that they have a dampened tactile called "Quiet Click," which doesn't click as the click is disabled. You'll notice there's no click in this switch, but it's called "Quiet Click." Should be called "Quiet Tactile."