Author Topic: PS/2 Adapters that actually work well?  (Read 1661 times)

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PS/2 Adapters that actually work well?
« on: Mon, 08 April 2024, 08:26:08 »

I got this Aliexpress PS2 converter and it "sort of" works. Once or twice a day it produces a bad key repeatttttttttttt. Other times it produces weird mouse effects, like not being able to click on things anymore.

So, has anybody bought the other commonly available ones with success? Please share.

Image link:
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Re: PS/2 Adapters that actually work well?
« Reply #1 on: Mon, 08 April 2024, 13:12:58 »
I've had success in the past making my own with a promicro and TMK. Powered adapters are a bit rarer, if you need one. I also have a few tinkerboy adapters if those meet your requirements
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Re: PS/2 Adapters that actually work well?
« Reply #2 on: Mon, 08 April 2024, 15:12:33 »
I have this active adapter cost maybe $10 for 2 pack always has worked for me.


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Re: PS/2 Adapters that actually work well?
« Reply #3 on: Tue, 16 April 2024, 06:27:32 »
My approach which got me some success is to search my local classified ads for branded PS/2 to USB adapters/converters.

There are many common generic ones and I actually bought one to try out but the beige generic one I bought only worked on only one of my three PS/2 keyboards.

The 3 branded converters I bought (a Belkin F5U119-E, an Aten UC-10KM and a Radioshack 26-724) all worked on my three PS/2 keyboards.

I did not want to pay overseas shipping for small items like this so I spent some time scouring the local ads including FB Marketplace and I got lucky to find nice branded ones at reasonable prices. The Aten and Radioshack came with their original packaging and are in like new condition while the Belkin appears to be in lightly used condition.

These are the 4 converters I got currently, will likely buy more if I find similar branded ones in the local ads again:

The Aten UC-10KM is a tad more convenient to use due to its longer cable:
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