Author Topic: Coseyfannitutti Mysterium and possible issue with Atmega324P  (Read 1929 times)

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Coseyfannitutti Mysterium and possible issue with Atmega324P
« on: Wed, 24 April 2024, 15:53:29 »
Hi guys,  ;D

I am totally new to this hobby and decided to build my own keyboard from scratch.
Many months ago I decided to build the Mysterium keyboard from Coseyfannitutti, but an updated version done by someone by the name if "Piit79" on Github, with addition of ISO layout, Oled screen and TRRS jacks on both sides.
I got ambicious and even took the liberty of modifying it even further to be hotswappable using Kailh sockets, instead of soldering the switches directly to the board or using millmax sockets.
I halted the project for a while but just last week I have ordered the PCBs and all necessary components and soldered all the components to one of the boards. I am also about to order an ISP programmer to flash the bootloader to the chip.
As I said I am totally new to this, especially programming chips. The issue is that Im afraid the chip I have ordered, Atmega324P, will not be compatible with the firmware provided and is not on the list of compatible chips in QMK toolbox for instance.
I just came to realize that the firmware was written for the Atmega32A and I didnt think about that when I bought the chip (The 32A was out of stock at the time of purchase). I have checked the datsheets of both 32A and 324P and they look identical, except the 324P has a little bit more memory if Im not mistaken.

So, is that a walkaround for this or some alternative method to program the keyboard in case of fail?