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Hello,greetings from China
« on: Wed, 08 May 2024, 21:16:46 »
I know this forum about keyboard by accident, and I am still exploring the use of this forum. I hope I can meet friends who also like keyboard and like shooting keyboard here.

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Re: Hello,greetings from China
« Reply #1 on: Thu, 09 May 2024, 00:35:26 »
Welcome to geekhack :)

if by shooting keyboards, you meant taking photos of them then the post your korean keyboard and post your topre keyboards have tons of great photos of keyboards. - post your korean keyboard - post your topre keyboard

keyboard collection - fjell
cherry blacks - unlubed - filmed and springswapped with tx 55g mediums - alu Plate | pretty happy with this, the blacks were cherry picked so they weren't that scratchy to begin with, but currently breaking them in, may lube them with a dry lube like ro59 or ptfe powder.
| hhkb bt
lubed with tribosys 3203 | like topre a lot, prefer it lubed but did make less tactile but that might have been a skill issue. probably will get more tactile over time as the domes age.
| m0115
bad orange alps lol | definitely needs a restoration. planning on wax boiling them and maybe a replacement pcb because the board has only 2 key rollover apparently.
| praxis
gateron yellows - lubed with 205g0 - 62g tx mediums - pc plate | probably my favourite keyboard already, feels super nice and sounds pretty good, it's got a great layout as well. probably gonna build this with mx browns, I feel like it would suit the board more.
| camo filco
stock with silent reds | Pretty cool looking board, the silent reds are actually good, they are smooth and I don't mind the mushiness (it's not even that mushy as well). the layout is pretty weird, but is useable. will probably mod this in the future. maybe a pcb and plate swap, change the keycaps to something dolch like, and also spring swap the springs in the silent reds.

collection in pixel art