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Hello everyone,

First, we want to continue to thank you for all your interest in the Zoom65 v3. While we didn't expect to do another IC Update, we do have some big information before we go into Group Buy which is now set.

Before we move on we just wanted to highlight a few things regarding questions and what is in this IC:

●Each board will include all 7 mounting options in the kit - you don't have to simply pick one, you can switch each mounting style at any time

●Special Edition Flair Colored Anodized Backplate: Unique, vibrant designs to enhance your setup.

●Collaborations: Introducing Zoom65 V3 x Cupid and Zoom65 V3 x Liftoff.

●Samples are due to ship to reviewers this week - you can expect content in the coming weeks

●GB Date - June 12

●Price - US$169 to $239

●Current stage - Sending out keyboards for content creators and photos

Zoom65V3 Landing page
Zoom65 V3 x Cupid
Zoom 65 V3  x Liftoff
Render for Special Edition Flair Colored Anodized Backplate
Real Life Photos for Special Edition Flair Colored Anodized Backplate

Limited Edition Flair Colored Anodized Backplate

Introducing our special and limited edition Flair Colored Anodized Backplates, available in three captivating designs. Crafted from high-quality aluminum, these backplates enhance your desk setup's aesthetic appeal and provide durable protection.

Vote for your favorite backplate

We are excited to bring you the Zoom65 V3 x Cupid and Zoom65 V3 x Liftoff Editions.

Zoom65 V3 x Liftoff

Zoom65 V3 x Cupid

Price Details

Zoom65 V3 prices start from US$169 to $239. For detailed pricing, see the images below:

Price Range

No Tail Light Version Price

Tail Light Version Price

Screwless Quick Assembly System & Magnetic Connection Design

Catchball system GIF

The top and bottom cases can be assembled and disasembled with catchball, there are so many catchballs on the market but most of their elastic will decay after some time.
We spent over 2 months on sourcing a professional manufacturers and finally find one from the 8 we tried. They adjusted the elasticity and gap we needed, making a very good balance to fit into our design.

Magnetic connection system

Normal plug connectors are too big, and we must make sure it can fit our keyboard seamless for the perfect typing feel and sound we want. It's very uneasy for us to find existing one, we tried  about 5, but the whole team felt that we should not compromise on this one.  We really don't want to see it imperfect because of this, so we go deep into the rabbit hole (yes, product development is another rabit hole!!!!) and... CUSTOM IT AGAIN! Result was, 3 more weeks spent...

5 New colors this year, added to old Zoom series: Aquamarine, Klein Blue,  Peach Fuzz, Viva Magenta, Cafe Brown 

All 16 colors:  SE Lavender, SE Black, E-White, Black, White, Sky Blue, Aquamarine, Klein Blue, Blush Pink, Milk Tea, Strawberry Ice Cream, Milky Green, Peach Fuzz, Scarlet Red, Viva Magenta, Cafe Brown

Prototype Progress

Check out the latest progress on our prototype! View the images here to see how we're advancing with our design.

Seven Mounting System - All provide in kit, change mounting style at any time

Mount One – Short-Arm Spring Mounting

Short-Arm Spring Mounting

Non-Load Bearing Spring Mounting

Split O-Ring Mounting

Magnetic Leviatation Mounting

Silica Gel Particle Mounting

Top Mount

Floating Pogo Pin Mounting

Detailed mounting system introduction please check our last IC post from here


Zoom65V3 also supports four modulars options: Screen/Knob/Badge/2-key

Special Panda Limited Version


Different Backplate Designs

This time, in addition to the 16 colors matching the top case, the Backplate also provides other options for everyone.
In addition, there will be a special RAW version of the backplate. The knife pattern matches different lights and shines making this simple keyboard very domineering at the same time.

Aluminium Alloy Case

The aluminium alloy case made for the Zoom65v3. The material of the case consists of a mixture of aluminum, silicon, copper, magnesium, and zinc. The Zinc alloy case is fully recyclable.

HE Module

We will also provide HE module compatible with Zoom65V3 to bring you a different experience.



Below are the detailed parameters and exploded view of the product.

1.Size: 65%

2.Material: Aluminum

3.Process: Full CNC

4.Bearing mount:

•Short arm spring mount

•Non-load-bearing spring mount

•Split-O-RING mount

•Magnetic levitation mount

•Silica gel particle mount

•TOP mount

•Floating Pogo Pin Mounting

5.PCB: three options

•Tri-mode flex-cut 1.2mm

•Tri-mode non-flex 1.6mm

•Single mode non-flex 1.6mm

6.Typing angle: 6.5°

7.Forehead height: 22.33mm

8.Connection method:



9.Electrostatic protection

10.VIA and QMK Support

11.Rate of return for each connection method: 1kHz

12.Installation structure: bead quick-release connection


Share your thoughts

You are also welcome to come and join us on our social media channels:

And welcome to fill in our IC form to share us your thoughts about Zoom65V3

For more details and updates, you can join the Discord group
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Zoom65 V3 Update

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Ok, dang, you finally got me. Those backplates are amazing. Feels like there's too many options but that's what the keeb land is. Think I'll have to grab one of these. Two if I have the funds. Bravo.

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is it possible to buy the panda backplate and put it one one of the normal color options? Cause if I can I really want to have the magenta with the panda back