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[IC] TacWorks TAC-K1 65% Mechanical Keyboard Kit – Audio Speaker & Customizable Nameplates
Hey there!

We are excited to partner with TacWorks to bring this stunning custom mechanical keyboard to life!

Colourful Themes
Introducing the new TAC-K1 with a splash of colour and some awesome new features. There are 8 fantastic colour schemes for you, ranging from fun and cute themes to sleek and simple solid colours. Pick the one that vibes with your style the best!

Endless Fun
The TAC-K1 is packed with loads of cool features to keep you entertained and make your life easier. Imagine fun audio speakers, handy interchangeable USB-C port, a customizable nameplate area, and a super soft and bouncy pressure bar gasket mount. We have put our hearts into this, and we hope you feel it every time you use it.

Audio Speaker
The built-in speakers come with a variety of sounds that play with your keystrokes. Choose between wired and triple mode versions for your perfect audio experience.

Decorative Nameplates
Customize your look! The small square nameplates on the rear side can be moved around, and the large backplates work across different themes. You can mix and match with a 3+1 nameplate combo or go all out with four small squares.

Adjustable Horizontal Bar
The horizontally adjustable decorative bars let you decide where to place your USB-C port and nameplates. Flexibility at its finest!

Pressure Bar Gasket
An FR4 material is opted instead of the traditional aluminum alloy for the pressure bar gasket. It is more resilient and gives you a fantastic pressure feel and sound performance.

Sound-Dampening Foams
Depending on your PCB version, the TAC-K1 offers different sound schemes. Our layered sound-dampening foam pack includes battery compartment foam, silicone base pad, IXPE bottom foam, PORON switch socket foam, PET sound pad, and more. While there are slight differences between wired-mode and triple-mode versions, the main materials remain consistent, delivering excellent sound and feel.

The plate has been upgraded to high-quality FR4 material with a sleek black core and purple edges. This offers not just durability but also a stylish look. Plus, you can choose between matte PC and aluminum alloy plates for a softer or sturdier typing experience.

The K1 comes with two PCB options: a wired-mode VIA version for key remapping and variable layouts, and a triple-mode version that supports RGB backlight and is great for office use. Whether you prefer wired or wireless setups, we have got you covered. Both versions support the fun audio features, so you do not have to compromise on the things you like.

Surface Treatment
All eight colour options of the TAC-K1 are coated with a high-performance composite ceramic finish, ensuring they look and feel amazing.

We cannot wait for you to try out the new TAC-K1 and experience all the fun and functionality we have packed into it. Enjoy!

Army Green

Blue and Orange

Milk White

Purple and Green

Caramel Mousse

Matcha Green

Purple Dream Starry Sky

Sakura Pink Sweetheart

Brand: TacWorks

Product Type: Mechanical Keyboard Kit

Model: TAC-K1

Layout: 65%

Number of Keys: 67

Mount Type: Gasket Mount

Production Process: CNC

Case & Backplate Material: Aluminium Alloy

Case Coating: High-Performance Composite Ceramic Coating

Backplate Coating: UV Colour Printing

Solid Colours: Army Green / Blue and Orange / Milk White / Purple and Green
Fun Themes: Caramel Mousse / Matcha Green / Purple Dream Starry Sky / Sakura Pink Sweetheart

FR4 Plate with 2 FR4 Pressure Bars (default)
Anodized Aluminium / PC with 2 FR4 Pressure Bars (can be ordered separately)

Wired Mode: Horizontal Cuts, Hot Swappable with Multiple Compatible Layouts, No Backlight
Triple Mode: Horizontal Cuts, Hot Swappable Standard 67-Key Layouts, RGB Backlight

Compatible Software:
Wired Mode: VIA
Triple Mode: Dedicated Software

Charging Port: 1 x USB-C

Battery Capacity: 3100mAh (triple mode version only)

Packaging: Keyboard Storage Bag + Designed Box

Designer: TacWorks

Based on current information, the estimated RRP is AUD$259.95 (USD$169.95) for wired mode version, or AUD$289.95 (USD$189.95) for triple mode version. Prices may change slightly in the future without prior notice.

Two ways to express interest:

The first and easiest way is: Visit the product page on our site: Select your colour and connection mode above, then enter your email address and click the “Notify Me” button. By doing so, you have expressed your interest by joining our waiting list. We will send you an email notification when we are ready to run a group buy.
Or, simply complete the IC form to express your interest in this product.

In the meantime, please feel free to follow our Instagram account where we post all the updates on project status.

We will also post relevant major news on our Discord server and Geekhack here.

Waiting to receive sample product from TacWorks. (21/05/2024)
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