Author Topic: Das Professional Model S VS Rosewill RK 9000  (Read 3778 times)

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Das Professional Model S VS Rosewill RK 9000
« on: Sat, 13 November 2010, 15:35:22 »
Greetings Geekhack community, long time lurker first time poster.

For the last couple of months I have been reading up on mechanical keyboards and I have hit a snag in what keyboard to purchase. I live in Canada so Filco boards, and many other boards are out of the question.  Conversion rate +  (+30) shipping! (200+ CAD for filco tenkeyless). The only two keyboards I have seen that are mechanical in Canada are. For a little more information I play games quite a bit but I'm looking for a board that would be easier to type on than my hard to press membrane so I made the descision on cherry blues.

The Das Professional Model S

Rosewill RK 9000

Both keyboards are blue cherrys around the same price range. The Rosewill has the same manufacturer as Filco boards if that matters much. But from what information about it makes me uneasy about purchasing online. If anyone has any other options for a young Canadian boy wanting to buy a mechanical keyboards I am open to suggestion.

So fellow geekhackers if you had to choose, would you go with the Das or the pseudo Filco?

If there are any other Canadian mechanical keybaords available please feel free to post
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Das Professional Model S VS Rosewill RK 9000
« Reply #1 on: Sat, 13 November 2010, 15:44:38 »
i was under the impression that rosewills were a cheaper alternative to see if you like certain switches?

i personally would always go for the rosewill purely on aesthetics if theyre the same price...

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Das Professional Model S VS Rosewill RK 9000
« Reply #2 on: Sat, 13 November 2010, 18:16:52 »
Welcome to GeekHack RiceStrike!

Personally, I'd go with the Rosewill because the Das' glossy finish is sure to collect dust quicker than a hooker turns tricks.

But then, I'm not the most proactive person when it comes to cleaning...

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Das Professional Model S VS Rosewill RK 9000
« Reply #3 on: Sat, 13 November 2010, 18:34:28 »
I type on the Psuedo Filco day to day and I love it. The flat finish makes dust and fingerprints practically a non-issue and it feels very well built. Of course, I've never had the chance to use the Das before, but gloss finishes just seem like terrible ideas most of the time on things that, you know, experience time in the real world.
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Das Professional Model S VS Rosewill RK 9000
« Reply #4 on: Sat, 13 November 2010, 18:43:55 »
Quote from: RiceStrike;246390

If there are any other Canadian mechanical keyboards available please feel free to post

Unfortunately, there are not too many mechanical keyboards available in Canada. Even the Matias Tactile Pro which is made from a Canadian company is difficult to find in Canada.  Now is a good time to buy from USA because of the Canadian dollar being  close to, if not on, par with the American dollar. I bought most of my keyboards at a time when the exchange was much worse.

I don't know much about the Rosewill since I have not had one. I can talk about the Das and the Filco. As far as the Das Model S is concerned, I have not noticed much dust gathering in the two weeks I've had mine. There is some but not much. Finger print is not a problem either (in my case) since I don't rest my wrists when I type. The only place where there is some finger print is around the arrow keys. Once again, this is not a big deal in my opinion. My Filco will gather some dust around the keys too.

I think people forget that much of the dust on the keyboards is probably from dead skin.

Good luck in your search for a mechanical keyboard. I know it's not easy when you are in Canada.

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Das Professional Model S VS Rosewill RK 9000
« Reply #5 on: Sat, 13 November 2010, 18:55:15 »
Get which ever one is cheaper- they are very similar keyboards.  The good news is that both are terrific.
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