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Toshiba X20
« on: Fri, 25 February 2011, 00:28:47 »
Wanted to give a Toshiba Mouse a try, so I bought their X20 2400 DPI Laser Mouse.


First the "ergonomics" and look.  
It's taller than pictures led me believe.  Not a fan of smooth contours.  My fingers hang off the main mouse buttons by an inch.  The scroll wheel is too far back.  If I switch up the grip the back and forward buttons are out of thumbs reach.  The DPI Switcher (second button behind scroll) works but could have been better located.  The main buttons and palm are GLOSS, the sides and even the bottom are a spray on rubber. Scroll is silicone (very soft), back and forwards are just silver plastic.  

Laser / Sensor (Avago ADNS-6010)  
This thing tracks great and continues to track in mid-air (about a CM).
Tested on an eXactMat by Razer.  The Laser Orifice is off centered to the right (closer to the pinkie).  I prefer symmetry but it hasn't bothered me yet.

Rapid Fire Button (behind scroll).  
The scroll wheel LED color indicator has four modes to toggle through: Off, Pink, Blue, and Red.  Basically, off is a single click, pink is a double, blue = triple, and red is a quad click.  Works fine depending on the game / weapon used (don't expect a slow to reload pistol, shotgun or melee to hit 4x).  

DPI Switcher.
Works and has three colored indicators (green 800, blue 1600, and red 2400 DPI) that are labeled as well.

Final Thoughts:
I want the scroll wheels LED color changed along with the DPI indicator, for better aesthetics.
Rapid Fire should have been a separate button instead of toggling the LEFT mouse button clicks, it's unusable in a Desktop Environment or a Games Menus.
It could use some added weights (second on my list of mouse mods).  I'll take some pics if I decide to keep the mouse.  I'm considering wet sanding the GLOSS down to a flat black (did it to one of my two Lycosas, got the later for free due to defects), maybe trying out the Rustoleum Rubberized Undercoating I bought a year ago and never used, because I was pleased with the wet sanded plastic.
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